Kyrie Irving explodes late, game winner doesn’t fall, but it’s still all good

I’ve heard a lot of nicknames for Kyrie Irving so far this season, and I haven’t really liked any of them. That is until I heard Rich Hanes call Kyrie Irving Rack City last night. Rack City, in my humble opinion, is both cool and applicable for Mr. Irving. Which is why I felt compelled to open this rambling collection of words by first noting that, and then moving on from there.

Kyrie Irving gets to the rack at will, we all know this. Yet he was able to do so last night over, and over, and over again to close things out down in Georgia. From the 7:30 mark in the fourth quarter, until the end of one overtime session, Irving scored 16 points. The whole world knew where he wanted to go too, and he just got there faster than everybody else could. He finished with 29 points, 9 rebounds, and 9 assists on the night, and had he cashed in one more at the rack *sorry* to get 31 at the end of OT, he would have also had the win.

This time the ball didn’t fall through for him though, but like that Pacers game when he stepped up to take the first game winning shot of his NBA career, it was right there. There are no airballs, or travels, or hastily hoisted bricks when Kyrie Irving misses a game winning shot attempt either. Just an attacking play that doesn’t get the roll, bounce, or whatever else to go his way. Irving said after the game in response to the missed game winner that “it’s the law of averages, not every one is going to fall”, and he’s right. But to that point, that law of averages also says that if he keeps trying to finish at the rim like he has been, more times than not it will go down too. Which is why the next time the game’s on the line, I’ll be just as confident as I was last night with the ball in Kyrie’s hands. He’s going to make many more than he misses.

Notes from Wednesday: I went to the Tweet-up at House of Blues yesterday, and that was cool. Just thought I’d sneak that in there. As far as the game played down in the ATL, Kyrie Irving, Samardo Samuels and Manny Harris all finished with game high plus / minuses of +7. Manny went ahead and got himself 11 points and 6 rebounds on 4 of 8 shooting in twenty minutes too, and Tristan Thompson stayed in double figures scoring wise for the second game in a row as a starter with had 13 and 5. For some reason, I continue to be compelled to type out Tristan’s moving average as an NBA starter too, which is now 15.6 points, and 7.6 rebounds over three games as a heads up. Nice work I’d say, probably part of the reason why he’d go 2nd in a 2011 NBA Re-Draft.

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