Kyrie Irving’s adding a post-up game, and says his hand is 110%

At Cleveland Cavaliers Media Day today, Kyrie Irving told those in attendance that his right hand is “110% percent” heading into training camp. He also added that his “left hand floater is something serious”. This after being without his strong hand for much of the summer, the result of slapping a padded wall at Vegas Summer League practice.

4757588c0c0511e2920522000a1cdf49_5Appearing without a brace on his right hand for the first time since suffering the injury, Kyrie Irving was sporting a new scar. Not unlike the one Tony Montana had on his face. I’m of the personal belief that all legends should have at least one visible scar, so this is an encouraging development. 

Irving also appeared bigger than he did last season as a rookie.

I assumed he added a few pounds because he was recently limited in 5-on-5 action due to the injury. When asked, however, Kyrie said that adding weight this off-season was a personal goal of his. He said that he felt the additional weight will help him withstand the season long pounding he’ll receive while attacking the basket.

To an extent, that part made sense. I was initially surprised to hear him say, however, that he added the weight to help him post up this season. He said the post-up game is an area he wanted to improve on offensively, and something he’s been working on. So while there’s 51 games of NBA film out on Irving right now, this adjustment might be one that he’s making in anticipation of defenses adjusting to him.

How do I feel about the idea of Kyrie Irving posting up?

Depends where on the court he’s actually doing it. On the block, up to five feet away the basket? That would be a bad idea. But if he’s talking about posting up on the baseline, ten to twelve feet away, and then using that space he creates for a fade-away jumpshot? I’m all for that. Especially if it hits at anywhere near the rate that Michael Jordan used to convert that same move.

Speaking of Michael Jordan, Kyrie Irving was also sporting his new customized Nike shoe. The personalized Nike Hyperfuses he was wearing with KYRIE on the tongue are pictured below:

I asked Irving how much say he had in the design, which features the wine and gold colorway. He said he “had all of the say”. Kyrie went on to add that he’s honored to see his name on a Nike shoe.

Editor’s Note: I’ll have more on Media Day throughout the Week. Be back later with Dion Waiters, Anderson Varejao, Tyler Zeller and the rest of your 2012-13 Cleveland Cavaliers. Training Camp starts tomorrow.

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