Learning more about potential free agent target Alexey Shved from Russia

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been linked to CSKA Moscow’s Alexey Shved as a potential Free Agent target over the last couple days. I wanted to learn more about him so I reached out to some people familiar with Shved and the CSKA organization last night. I asked about Shved’s contract situation with CSKA, as well as how they would describe Alexey as a player. I also asked if they knew anything directly related to Shved and the Cleveland Cavaliers, but they didn’t.

What I did learn about the guard from Russia is below:

Alexey is under contract with CSKA until 2013. He does have an opt-out clause, but that number isn’t too big. Meaning it isn’t going to cost a premium to buy him out of his CSKA contract for next season, should he end up with an NBA offer. I was also told that it does appear Shved is serious about making the jump to the NBA in general. If he receives a good NBA offer CSKA will support that too, and not try to prevent him from leaving before his contract is up. As a player, he is very skinny right now at 23-years old, but very quick as well. He likes to finish at the rim and make spectacular plays. He has pretty good court vision, can shoot from the outside, but is more of spot-up shooter. This past year he improved significantly on the defensive end, but still has problems fighting over screens because of how skinny he is. That will be a concern for him defensively in the NBA as well. 

I then watched a bunch of his YouTube videos; here’s one from the Euroleague Final Four last season. Put it on mute, the music’s kind of annoying.


YouTube: BasketballYoung

Oh and here’s a between the legs dunk he attempted. In a game. He missed it, but yikes. Dude tried a between the legs dunk in a real game.


YouTube: CSKAbasket

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