On Dan Coughlin, JJ Hickson, Lester Hudson and Luke Harangody

Dan Coughlin wrote a blog for Stepien Rules on Friday. I really can’t explain how honored I am by that development without sounding real sentimental and dorky, so I’ll just say that I remain very grateful for his time on that. When traditional media was the unequivocal king of sports talk in this town, Dan Coughlin was the star of stars. He still is too. Wherever he goes to this day, people gather around to hear him hold court, and tell stories that you’d never be able to tell unless you were really there to live it. For a brief moment in time on Friday, my website was that place he held court. I know it was no big deal to him, and just a fun exercise that he did because he felt like it, but to me it was a big deal. Always will be too, so thanks again for doing that Mr. Coughlin.

Earlier today, I also caught up with another old friend of ours here at Stepien Rules too by the name of JJ Hickson. After being traded to Sacramento, JJ and the Kings didn’t really ever fit together. I think that happens more times than people realize in the NBA, and Hickson’s 35 games as a member of the Kings was just another example of that. He appears to have found a place that he does fit in Portland now, however, and he’s averaged 14 points and 8 rebounds per game during his first fourteen games there since being picked up on March 19th. He has also posted four straight double/doubles in his last four games too, and the big man says that he would like to re-sign with Portland long-term after this season. My interview with JJ Hickson went live around noon today at SLAMonline, and that link is right here as a heads up.

Yesterday at WFNY, I also celebrated the first NBA start for Luke Harangody too. On Saturday night, I set the Over/Under for Total Points that Luke would score against the Wizards at 13.5 points. I thought he’d score 14, which was how I determined that line. Prior to tip-off, I received 10 over picks and 9 unders, and Luke went on to finish that game with 16 points and 10 rebounds. He was then shipped back down to the D-League, where he played for Canton against Springfield last night in a playoff game, and put up 26 in a losing effort. The Cavaliers missed his production last night on the NBA level against Orlando too, and they got basically smashed by the Howard-less Magic because Luke wasn’t there. The Cavs cannot option Harangody back down to the D-League at this point either, so the next time he does comes up he has to stay up. I’d imagine he gets one more call-up before the season ends, just as soon as the Canton Charge playoff push is over.  Here’s the link to my Harangody post from Sunday too by the way.

Lastly, I just wanted to reference my story on Lester Hudson that went live at Cleveland.com late last week too. I tried cover Lester’s play through the social medium of Twitter in the article, and focused on the Lesanity his play had created leading up to that game last week. I was able to incorporate four Twitter questions that I received prior to the Pacers game for inclusion in that piece too, and appreciated all of the other questions I received. It wasn’t easy getting the four questions in that I did, with the swarms of media surrounding Hudson last week, but that task was made easier by the questions I received being good ones. So thanks to everybody who tweeted a question at me for that exercise, and the link to that Cleveland.com article I wrote on the Legend of Lester Hudson is here as well if you’re interested.

Be back tomorrow with more, hope everyone’s week gets off to a great start.

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