One man’s battle w/ Nuggets begins tonight, and a few others items worth mentioning

The Cleveland Cavaliers play the Denver Nuggets tonight at 9pm ET. As that game gets underway, a person we know well here at Stepien Rules will also be undergoing an equally competitive bout with the Nuggets as well. The proprietor of, and editor of the Cavs Zine Institution, also known throughout the Cavaliers universe as everyone’s favorite Cavs fan, Cleveland Jackson himself, will be attempting to eat more Chicken Nuggets than the Denver Nuggets score points tonight.

As evidenced by the tweet pictured below, Cleveland Jackson is embracing this challenge. He will be chronicling his competitve eating match-up with the Nuggets on Twitter, so be sure to be following him @WayneEmbrysKids throughout the game. That noise you hear in the background is everyone who will have to see Mr. Jackson on Thursday chanting Defense.!/WayneEmbrysKids/status/177481409416544257
For an idea of how many Nuggets he may have to eat in order to secure the win tonight, here are the total points that the Denver Nuggets have scored against the Cleveland Cavaliers in their last ten match-ups: 117, 127, 118, 99, 88, 99, 113, 122, 105 and 110. That’s equates to a 10-year moving average of Denver scoring 109.8 points against Cleveland, or 110 Chicken Nuggets that @WayneEmbrysKids may need to eat tonight in order to come out victorious.

Speaking of eating, the I Go Hard Now guys put together an interesting breakdown of how Boris Diaw has been able to maintain his robust figure while running around everyday playing professional basketball. The Shawn Kemp of the 2011 Lockout, as the fellas dubbed him, is huge now.

Below is a brief intro to what they wrote, and here is the link to the full article

“Now, I know what you’re thinking, how could he let himself go like that? Well, I’m an optimistic kind of guy, so I look at this in a slightly different light. Where you look and see a sad story of a young man in his prime giving up on himself the moment he had no one to hold himself accountable, I see something else. I see the amazing story of a man who, despite all the odds being stacked against him, has somehow done the impossible and maintained this ridiculous weight despite being a professional athlete.”

That is followed by statistical breakdowns and calorie charts, including data for fully loaded Chipolte steak burritos and White Castle cheeseburgers. 

Well done, guys.

In not as encouraging news for Christian Eyenga enthusiasts all over the world, the Skyman has been sent back down to Canton. Gody’s going with him too. Hopefully it’s just for Christian to rehab that nagging toe injury of his, and then he explodes onto the NBA scene before season’s end just like he dunked on Pau Gasol’s head. Yes, we all still remember that, I imagine Pau does too. On the real positive and serious side of things though, the Cavaliers did also donate 4,000 game tickets to Chardon High School. Class move, by a class group of people.

Also, I wrote an article today at SLAM Online about Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap, be thrilled if you guys felt like going over there to check that out. Here is the link to it:

SLAM: Two of a Kind: A closer look at Utah’s two-headed monster up front – Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap

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Thanks again. Good luck tonight to my friend Cleveland Jackson too, I really hope you survive this one buddy.

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