Profiling the NBA Draft, late First Round: Will Barton

In addition to the 4th overall pick on June 28th, the Cavaliers also own the 24th, 33rd, and 34th selections. In a continued look at who could be available in the bottom third of the 1st round for the Cavaliers, below is our latest on Will Barton. For Andrew Nicholson click here.

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No. 29 – Will Barton, Sophomore, Memphis 2011-12 stats: 18 ppg, 8 rpg, 51% shooting

University of Memphis guard Will Barton (5) shoots over Saint Louis University guard Jordair Jett (L) during their men's NCAA college basketball game in Columbus, Ohio, March 16, 2012.
Memphis always seems to produce NBA talent and Will Barton is no exception. He is just another in a long line of guys to come out of Memphis who are able to contribute at the next level. Barton’s greatest asset is his ability to score. No question about it. He was in double-figure scoring for 30 of his 35 games this season. He has deep range, coupled with a great shooting stroke. He is a potent scorer who can put it in the basket from anywhere on the court. Barton also shines with his aggressiveness on that end of the floor. He can penetrate to the rim with the best of them and finish with great ease and ability.

I can see him coming off the bench for teams and being able to provide solid scoring. Barton does have his downsides though. He is 6-5, but is only 165 pounds. That’s is extremely skinny for a 2-guard and he will definitely need to add some muscle. If he doesn’t, he will just get overpowered by some of the stronger guards in the league. Barton also struggles with decision-making and shot selection. Yes, he is able to light up the scoreboard at times, but when he is off his game and not making shots, he can just as easily throw a dud in there too. Even in some of his better scoring outputs, he was still taking a lot of shots.

He can definitely work on his consistency when getting to the next level. Barton is a solid prospect for a later first round pick. He has great offensive skills and with some bulk may be able to help on the defensive end as well. But, players like Barton are all over the NBA. There are tons of teams with scoring guards who come off the bench to provide that spark for a handful of minutes and if they get hot maybe more. I think the Cavs will look elsewhere to find that type of player. They may already have that player in Manny Harris, who played well near the end of the season for Cleveland. Unless Barton can really impress in his workouts, pretty unlikely he ends up in the Wine and Gold.

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