Catching Up With Ramon Sessions: Talking Leadership & The Cavaliers Second Unit

In the Cavaliers three wins this season, their second unit led by Point Guard Ramon Sessions has outscored the opposing benches by a combined total of 154-79. Through all five games, only the Indiana Pacers bench outscored the Cavaliers’ reserves (29-32), and on the season this Cavs group has produced a total of 78 more points than the all five opposing reserve units combined thus far (234-156).

The fact that Ramon Sessions is currently playing some of the best basketball of his life has a whole lot to do with that too. A whole lot. He’s helping Tristan Thompson make a successful transition into the NBA, finding Booby Gibson on the perimeter in spots where he can knock down triples, getting the ball out to Alonzo Gee on the fast break, and finding guys like Samardo Samuels under the basket for finishes at the rim as well.

Heading into Wednesday’s game with the Raptors, Sessions is averaging 11.2 points, 6.2 assists, and 3.8 rebounds per game in 23.2 minutes of game action per night. He went for 11 points and 9 dimes in the Cavaliers third win of the season over the Bobcats, and has shot over 39% from three so far this season, connecting on more attempts from behind the arc than he did all of the last two seasons combined.

I caught up with Ramon after the Bobcats win and talked with him about all that.   

Cleveland Cavaliers' Ramon Sessions, right, passes in front of Anthony Parker during an NBA scrimmage basketball game on Sunday, Dec. 18, 2011, in Cleveland.
Below is our conversation:

Stepien Rules: Can you talk about your second unit overall, you guys put 57 on the board the other day, tonight you scored 51 and outscored Charlotte by 20. What is it about this second unit that you’re finding makes you guys successful?

Ramon Sessions: I just feel like I’m the head of the snake out there, and I’m just trying to have them feed off me. We’re just getting stops, the Young Fella [Tristan Thompson] is getting out running, Gib runnin, Zo’s runnin, we’re just getting stops and that’s making it easy for us on offense.

Stepien Rules: Do you feel like this is almost like a new role for you, being the leader out there with some of the young guys?

Ramon Sessions: Yeah, it’s definitely a new role, but its a role that I’ve embraced and I’m looking forward too out there playing with those guys and us just getting better overall.

Stepien Rules: What does the activity level that Samardo and Tristan come in and bring do for you guys? It seems like they’re really creating driving lines and second chance opportunities?

Ramon Sessions: It is, those two guys are very active, along with Hollins, and I can’t say enough about those guys and their ability to get us out there running. They’re doing a great job getting those rebounds, getting those stops, and we’re just running and going from there.

Stepien Rules: Did you make it a conscious effort this summer to work on and improve your ability to shoot the three?

Ramon Sessions: Yeah, that was something I focused on this summer. It was something that I knew was lacking in my game.  I felt like I had to make the defense honest, and I think I can make them real honest by being able to come out and hit that shot.

Stepien Rules: What do you think that [shooting the three effectively] can do for your game long-term, if you make defenses come out and guard you, with the ability they already know you have to drive to the basket? 

Ramon Sessions: I think it’s gonna really help a lot. It’s gonna open things up, give me a two-way street almost. The ability to drive and shoot that shot, it’s going to be really effective for me.

Stepien Rules: What are your general thoughts on Tristan, you seem to be finding him where he needs the ball, and really helping him be effective so far?

Ramon Sessions: Yeah that’s Young Fella. I’m trying to help him as much as I can. He’s young, but he’s really challenging people out there, and he’s going to be real special. 

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