Reaction To Semih Erden’s Dominating Performance: Featuring Tyler Hansbrough, Frank Vogel, and Semih Erden

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but Semih Erden completely dominated the Indiana Pacers in the Cavaliers 98-87 win on Wednesday. I might be overstating things a tad by using the word dominated, but I don’t think so.

After coming into the game scoring a grand total of 27 points over the 135 minutes he played in his 13 games prior to Wednesday, Semih Erden exploded for a career high 18 points. He also grabbed 8 rebounds, and don’t think for one second that he didn’t have an assist too. Because he did. Semih Erden, you guys, was ballin.

He missed only one shot (7 of 8 from the field) while matched up against All Star Center Roy Hibbert, and he made Roy take 15 shots to get to his final number of 17 points for the game as well. Afterwards, I asked Indiana Pacers Forward Tyler Hansbrough (4 points, 4 rebounds), as well as Coach Frank Vogel, what it was that made Semih so effective against them on Wednesday.

I also asked Semih Erden himself too, and those three videos are below.

First, Tyler Hansbrough.

I watched this video a few times, and it’s possible he didn’t hear me or I wasn’t pronouncing Semih’s name well enough for him to hear what I was saying over the noise in the Pacers locker room. So keep that in mind. It’s also maybe kinda possible though, that he honestly had no idea who Semih Erden was really. Besides the fact that he was “the seven footer”. Until tonight, I guess. 

Here’s that video:

Then, here is Pacers Coach Frank Vogel on Semih’s performance:

Finally, the Turkish sensation himself. Hustle. Play Hard. Move over, Brad Daugherty. Semih Erden is here to stay. The person asking the first question is me btw.

Heat are in town Friday. Actually, they’re in town already, shooting around at the Q on Thursday. I think I’m going to head down there for that too, can’t wait to ask LeBron about Semih Erden. Plenty more on all that later.


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