Thanks for stopping by this season you guys, see you in the 2013 playoffs

This whole website thing wouldn’t really be that fun if nobody ever actually read what I posted here. The simple fact that people take the time to do so, however often that is, honestly means a lot to me. It also helped make this past Cavaliers season a whole lot of fun for me too, and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who stopped by throughout the year. I really appreciate you doing that, more than you’d probably realize.

I didn’t watch one second of last night’s season finale in Chicago though, and I thought I should talk about that. I did plan to, as I ventured out into the hysteria of Cleveland’s NFL Draft celebration, but that didn’t end up happening. We first stopped by a bar called Beer Garden on Peal Road, just south of Cleveland, for 92.3 The Fan’s Cleveland Browns Draft Party. I had fun there talking with the Animal House Twitter Posse, as well as Anthony Lima, Ken Carman, and Adam the Bull, and it was a good atmosphere inside that bar. Out of the thirty televisions they had though, all tuned into the NFL Draft on two different channels, not one tv anywhere had the Cavs game on. While they were not vocal about it, I am sure Luke Harangody fans in particular were none too pleased about this. I know that, because I am one. 

Shortly after the Cleveland Browns selected future Hall of Famer Trent Richardson from Alabama, we made our way over to Two Bucks in Middleburg Heights to catch up with my friends from Waiting For Next Year. I thought maybe I’d catch the fourth quarter or something when we got there. Rick Grayshock and Craig Lyndall were still there when we walked in, just missed Scott Sargent, and missed the Cavs game there too because it wasn’t on. I never mentioned anything to anybody about it though, because by that point I kinda thought I was the weird one. It was the NFL Draft afterall, the Cleveland Browns Christmas, and this is a Cleveland Browns town. The Cavs game was as meaningless as it could ever be too, so I just let it go.

After a great time at Two Bucks, as well as a flatbread pizza and wrap in celebration of the Brandon Weeden pick, we got into the car to head home. As I drove, I started to to think about how much fun next season will be when the Cavaliers make the 2013 playoffs. I’m pretty positive they’re getting in next year. More than all that though, I left looking forward to the day when at least one television at every bar in Northeast Ohio will be again tuned into every April Cavs game no matter what else is going on in the sports world around it. 

I know this is a Browns town, and I know it was the NFL Draft. I know Cleveland acquired Trent Richardson too, and I also know he is going to the Hall of Fame. But besides that, I will always remember what this city felt like in 2007 too. I know it wasn’t the Browns or the Indians who did that either. It was the Cleveland Cavaliers who knocked off the Detroit Pistons to win the Eastern Conference Championship, and it was also those same Cavs who sent Clevelanders celebrating all night out onto the city streets in response. Those same Cleveland Cavaliers who can one day soon send Cleveland celebrating out onto those city streets again.

Regardless of when that day comes however, we will be closer to its arrival in 2013 than we were in 2012. For those of us who watched, read, discussed, and cheered this past season, we’ll appreciate it that much more when it does too. Those who took the time to witness this past season, however many games they watched, will be the ones who were there when it first began. All over again.

Now win go ahead and win that Lottery Nicky, and let’s go get Anthony Davis.


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