The Cavs future after latest decision…

All season I’ve been in the whatever happens, happens camp.  I root for wins, but easily shrug off losses. Days like today, however, I root hard for good decisions to be made by Chris Grant and his staff.  With the breakout rookie year Kyrie Irving’s putting together it’s more than reasonable to believe we’ve been given a second chance to build something special.  With the favor of hindsight, it’s interesting to look back and compare balance sheets with the rebuilding year of 2003.  I’ve written too many words already toiling over the blahness of that effort, so I won’t rehash it all.  It’s just comforting knowing that the similarities end with the exciting play of teenagers and the maturity of their game.
Take a look at this website. Think it over and then imagine what story that same information would have told you if it was last updated at this time in 2004.  If you don’t recall or don’t feel like looking it up I’ll just throw a few facts out to summarize it.  In the five years after we drafted Lebron James, we drafted four other people.  Total.  In 2012, we currently hold four picks in the top 40.  If you look forward to the next four years, the Cavs, although they probably won’t use all of them, have 14 draft picks.  That’s not even including the Sacramento “AKA Fort Knox” first rounder.  Obviously the draft is an inexact science, but it takes zero logic to realize you won’t find a gem if you don’t have enough shovels.

Today we also saw a drastic difference in our cap situation.  We were ham-strung in cap space for 2004 through 2007.  Now we were able to take on a laughably bad contract for the next year and a half to add another draft asset and it shouldn’t really effect our plan for free agency.  We have PLENTY of space.  If anything it might help long term.  The Cavs have to spend money this summer.  It’s a rule.  There aren’t many FA’s that are coming here on a one year deal, and there aren’t many big impact FA’s asking for $6 million either.  I look at this as a bad player who will play a role in assuring us an extra $6 million in cap space going into next summer, who we MAY be able to use as trade filler next year.  In the meantime, I hope Bill Walton sits between AC and Fred for a quarter every now and then.

The move Chris Grant made today was a patient one.  I’ll give it a B+.  A B because he accomplished his goal but he did HAVE to take on Walton, although there is the silver lining mentioned above, and because he wasn’t able to pry the Mavs pick from LA.  I gave him the plus for not acquiring Johnny Flynn.  So if we’re keeping score that gives Grant an A+ (Mo/Moon for Kyrie) and a B+ in his first two trade deadlines. 

We have a young PG with superstar potential.  We have an owner who really wants to bring a winner back. We have a team that the smart money would predict is heading to another lottery pick (6-8 range please). We have cap flexibility and a ton of picks.  We may not have what’s his face, but we have Mr 4th quarter and all of that.  If Grant can even come close to his trade deadline grade in free agency, and then draft, things could get really interesting.  Study hard Chris.


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