Tristan Thompson gets a Cavs Zine 2 for his birthday

Yesterday was Tristan Thompson’s birthday, the big man just turned twenty-one. To help celebrate, I brought him a Cavs Zine 2 last night to the game and gave it to him afterwards. Below is the picture I took with Tristan and his new Cavs Zine 2.

I explained briefly what the Cavs Zine was to Tristan also. A collection of Cavs fans put this together for other Cavs fans to read, I said. That’s you on the cover there, with Kyrie. There’s also a record inside too, no big deal. Anyways, we wanted you to have one to help you celebrate your birthday, I added.

His response was the best part of the whole exchange though, as he replied with: “That’s really cool you guys put this together, thanks for doing that. [As he flipped through the pages of his Cavs Zine] I really appreciate you giving me one too, I’m going to check this out for sure. Thanks again”.  

Then he took the time to obviously pose for this picture after that, before walking out down the hallway flipping back through the pages of Cavs Zine 2 as he left the facility. 

He was completely genuine about all that too. You probably already thought that Tristan Thompson was cool, but just trust me in saying that he’s even cooler than you think he is. He’s the best guy ever actually, and he really likes Cavs Zine 2, also.

Tristan finished with 9 points, 3 rebounds, 1 blocked shot, and a team high +/- of +5 in 23 minutes last night during the Cavaliers 96-88 loss to the Raptors. The Cavs record now moves to 16-24, and they’re currently tied in the loss column with New York and Milwaukee in that race for the 8th playoff spot.

The Cavaliers play the Bucks tonight at 8pm ET, and we’ll be back with more here after that one concludes. Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh, who MIL just traded Bogut and Captain Jack for last night, are not expected to play in tonight’s game against the Cavs.


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