Twitter Q+A’s with Tristan Thompson, Luke Walton and the Cavaliers Social Media Community

On Sunday I used my credentialed access to the Cavs / Hawks game in order to ask a couple players a few of the questions that I received from the Cleveland Cavaliers Twittersphere leading up to the game, and I appreciate everybody who tweeted questions at me for that. I ended up asking Tristan Thompson two of the questions that I received before the game, and Luke Walton a third one after it.

I’m planning to incorporate at least one question like this per game moving forward too, so feel free to hit me up anytime with anything you feel worth asking. I’m also going to be collecting ten or twelve questions for one player too at some point, and doing a full Twitter Q+A in this format with them as well, so I’ll keep you posted on that moving forward.

In the meantime, below are the videos and transcripts of those exchanges with Tristan before the Hawks game, followed by Luke Walton afterwards.

Questions for Tristan:

@byRiverBurns: What mental approach do you take when starting? Is your pregame routine any different?

@jlkocher2: What is your favorite part of everyday life in Cleveland?

TT: “No, it’s just the same thing everyday. Get my fruits, get a good pregame meal with some carbs, pasta’s always good. Then I get to the game, get my shots up, listen to my music, and get ready for the game.”

TT: “Everyday life in Cleveland, just the love that’s been shown. Whenever I go to the mall, or go out to eat, people are always saying congratulations, you’re doing a great job, you’re continuing to make us proud. And I enjoy the love that they share for us, because I know I got love for Cleveland, and I’m glad to be here.”

Question for Luke Walton:

: Will your Dad be attending any games in Cleveland? Is a guest spot on an FSO broadcast possible?

LW: “I know he does some stuff with the Kings for fun, but he can’t really travel very much. Coming out East is a lot harder than going to Sacramento, so I got no idea, but most likely not, just because he doesn’t really travel that much.”

I can write a whole blog about how much I thoroughly enjoy Bill Walton calling NBA games. That guy’s the best, and I’m glad his son Luke’s on this Cavaliers team these days too. Hopefully there’ll be a game in Sacramento or somewhere out West where it might work out to have Bill jump on with Fred and AC at some point, and I also hope Bill keeps feeling better. 

Luke also told me his back is feeling great, and he’s excited to be a part of this young team in Cleveland. I think his championship pedigree will add some value to this group too, and I’m looking forward to having him around. 

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