Cavs Rookie Tyler Zeller checks in from Vegas Summer League

Tyler Zeller has been impressive throughout the Cavaliers trip through Vegas Summer League. He’s bigger and more athletic than most people thought he would be entering the League, and his offensive game is almost as polished as his interview skills. This guy’s walking into his NBA career as a pro already, and it was good talking with him for the first time earlier this week out in Vegas.

I asked TZ about his initial impressions of Cleveland and how he’s felt competing out here so far as a member of the Cavs. I also talked business with the former Academic All American from North Carolina, and asked Tyler if Dan Gilbert has hit him up yet for any advice.

StepienRules: What are your initial impressions of Cleveland so far?

Tyler Zeller: The people are fantastic. They are avid fans and they are very, very nice. I haven’t really gotten into the city of Cleveland much, I’ve got two tours of it, but I really haven’t done anything yet. We’ve been more in Independence where the practice facility is. That’s a fantastic practice facility, I went to the Q one time and that’s phenomenal also. So I know I’ll move there in August / September, and I’ll get more experience then.

StepienRules: How are you feeling out there moving around with just your initial impressions of the NBA game?

Tyler Zeller: Yeah I feel decent. Anytime you’re a rookie you got to get used to a different system, different terminology, different rules, so that’s probably the hardest part. They got me a couple times, like the no sub after a made free throw, so just different rules that I didn’t know. But other than that I feel pretty comfortable.

StepienRules: At North Carolina you were a two-time Academic All American, and where did you intern at?

Tyler Zeller: Morgan Creek Capital Management.

StepienRules: Has Dan Gilbert approached you for any business tips yet?

Tyler Zeller: I don’t think he needs any help, I think he’s doing very well himself. He’s a business guru, and I’m very impressed with what he can do.

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