Catching up with Krayzie Bone at SLAM talking Cavs and Cleveland

I caught up with the legendary Krayzie Bone recently for a Q+A that published at talking all things Cavaliers and Cleveland.

During the conversation that I recommend you guys checking out in its entirety, Krayzie talked about what it was like in Cleveland back in 1997 when the Indians went to the World Series, Cavs hosted the All-Star Game and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony won a Grammy for Crossroads. 

We also talked about life as a Cleveland sports fan, the first NBA jersey he ever bought, what he hopes Kyrie Irving, Mike Brown and the Cavs can accomplish this season along with the mutiple projects that Krayzie's currently working on.

Below is an excerpt from that conversation.  

SLAM: What are some of your earliest memories as a Cavs fan?

Krayzie Bone: I remember watching the Cavaliers when World B. Free was on the team—now that’s back in the day. I was really young but I remember watching it with my father, just hearing his name—World B. Free. And then the whole squad we had later with Mark Price, Ehlo, Brad Daugherty and Harper, there’s just a whole lot of history with Cleveland teams, and I stand behind it 100 percent. I’m sure everybody sees my crazy tweets, but I just love sports. I love football, love basketball and even though I’m not really into baseball, when the Indians are in it, I’m into that too.

SLAM: What do you think about Mike Brown coming back this year to coach the Cavs?

KB: Actually, I’ve always liked Mike Brown. I really don’t understand why he was let go in the first place, or why he left. I thought he was a good fit then and I still do. He was a good coach when he went to L.A. too, but to me, L.A. is just a Hollywood team. It’s glitz and glamor out there, so they’re always behind the camera and they’re always putting on a show. But I always thought he was a good coach and I’m glad he’s back man because I like the way he coaches. I think he can help these young players learn how to work together on the defensive end and get them on a track to start winning games.

SLAM: If you were to compare Mike Brown and the defensive style he coaches with to one rapper, which rapper would you say he’s most similar to?

KB: Oh man, I don’t know, that’s a tough one. But like you said, Mike Brown comes back hard with the defense and he’s aggressive with it, so my first thought is Tupac—aggressive. I’d compare him to Tupac based on that aggressiveness and how he’s always working—just going hard, never stopping and never quitting.

Full Article: Q+A Krayzie Bone at SLAM

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