Checking in with Cleveland’s David Lighty from Vegas Summer League

David Lighty led Nanterre, in France's LNB Pro A Division, to the French League Championship in 2013. He was named MVP of the finals and also helped his team qualify for Euroleague.

In July, the Cleveland native was added to the Sacramento Kings Summer League Roster.

Kings head coach Mike Malone, as well as assistant Chris Jent, were each members of the Cavaliers coaching staff under Mike Brown while Lighty was finishing up his career at Villa-Angela St. Joseph’s before starring at Ohio State.

I caught up with Lighty this week in Las Vegas to talk about how things are going at SL with the Kings.

StepienRules: Has SL felt different for you this time around after being out here last year?

David Lighty: Summer League is pretty much different every year depending on which team you play with, the role they have you playing and the systems with different teams. So it’s really just about finding your niche, where you can affect the game somehow.

StepienRules: What type of niche have you been trying to pursue and carve out for yourself with the Kings?

David Lighty: For me, it’s just trying to affect the game somehow–if it’s defense, taking a charge, hitting open shots, any type of way when I’m on the court. When I come out of the game, I want them to say that he made a difference.

StepienRules: What have you learned from being able to go overseas and win a championship in France last year?

David Lighty: Just knowledge of the game. Knowing the game, understanding it. I’m just trying to find ways to use my abilities to be effective. In different systems, teams do different things, so just trying to take what I learned over there and bring it back with me.

StepienRules: Where to next after Vegas, heading back to Cleveland at some point?

David Lighty: Definitely. I’ll be in Cleveland, that’s home. So there, of course Columbus and probably will head to Philly to workout with (Evan) Turner and some of my old teammates. So I’m just on the move, trying to get better.

Kings SL Coach Chris Jent on David Lighty

I also asked Sacramento Kings SL Head Coach Chris Jent about Lighty's contributions this summer.

“David Lighty's played within himself," Jent told "He’s done the things that he does well. He’s a great competitor, he defends very well, he’s intelligent. And I think he’s showing all those things to us every time that he practices or takes the court during the game."

From a coaching standpoint, can the fact that a guy who has won at every level like Lighty has serve as a tiebreaker of sorts when it comes down to those last few roster sports on an NBA team?

“When you’re trying to build a winning culture, you want guys who have been there and done it," Jent added. "You want guys who have that winning pedigree. So yeah, it could certainly have a lot to do with it."

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