There was warm air but a cool light rain over Cleveland, and the left lane on 80 into town was backed up for a hundred miles with out of towners following the speed limit.  John Michaels' description of the game has Wayne Ellington gunning jumpers, Kyrie Irving dishing and Tristan Thompson scrambling for loose balls.

But the game gets quickly gets away from them.  More ambitious drivers are passing on the right now, trucks with drivers fueled by energy drinks and pills.  There are moments of interest, there’s some fight early and there’s Kyrie Irving return, scoring 30, but there’s no competition.   There’s the toll and the one car with EZPass flies though.

It doesn’t matter.   By the time I pull into the driveway, limping on a broken windshield wiper in the dark rain I am too late.   The Cavs have quit.  The game is over with six minutes left.

They’ve lost 8 games in a row, which means nothing after all perspective was lost in a 26 game losing streak 26 just two seasons ago and before the rebuild officially began.   8 game losing streaks like this are water under the bridge.

And with 10 games left, the season is over.   There is no effort and they are a team spinning in a subterfuge of youth and inexperience, injuries, general apathy and an anonymous complainant alleging that third year Coach Byron Scott, whose tenure as a coach has eclipsed the length of his playing career this season, has been too hard on his players.  

So look, let’s just call off the last 10 games.  Save the electric bills at the Q and everybody else’s time.  Turn off the television.  Take some nights off, have a barbecue.   Find the cooler and get the boat ready for some summer time cruisin.  Work on your beach bod.  Buy some new bandanas and have some peeps over to talk some Tribe and Nick Swisher and knock back some Summer Shandys. 

Fans still cheering for high lottery picks, they’ll applaud the move.   They’ll say losing feels more like gaining lottery balls and less like nails on a chalkboard and that cancellation of the rest of the season will keep players healthier.  Shut down the fragile superstar, save him for when they contend.  Let Tyler Zeller practice his post-up moves against a folding chair.

Hell, maybe consider calling off the 2013-14 season too.  Save the cap space for 2014.  Get the draft picks from the 2013 and 2014 drafts.   Build the core and keep everybody from getting hurt by just benching the entire franchise. 

In the morning, there was a light wet snow that didn’t stick to the ground.   The Cavs were in Atlanta, where it’s 68 and sunny and Kyrie Irving isn’t playing tonight.