Kyrie Irving Shoots Down Red Rocket

From the mustache to the swag, I have an infinite amount of respect for Matt Bonner aka the Red Rocket.

But like I predicted on's Sports Insider show with Glenn Moore on Wednesday, Kyrie Irving was just too much for Bonner in the three-point shootout. 

The YouTube video—that will one day be what the '94 Mark Price shootout is for me to some kid in Cleveland who fell in love with the Cavaliers last night watching Irving do what he did—is below.

"This kid is trying take over the league." – Reggie Miller

It's easy to dismiss these type of All-Star weekend events as being meaningless when your guy loses.

But regardless of how hypocritical it might sound, they truly do become special nights when that same guy comes out on top.

Just like the NBA's fastest-rising superstar did last night for Clevelanders a world over.

Nice work down in Houston, Mr. Irving. The takeover continues.

Brendan Bowers

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