Mark Price, still a friend to Cavaliers fans.

Mark Price remains one of the most treasured players in the history of Cleveland sports.  And Mark Price loves us just as much as we love him.

Price's wife, Laura Price has recently become active on Twitter, interacting with Cleveland Cavaliers fans, including Cavs Zine contributor @_Believeland.  When this caught the attention of Cara DeCarlo, a Cleveland Cavaliers fan living in New Jersey, she had to say hello.    Mark Price aside, Laura Price may be one of the friendliest people there is.

(photo via Cara DeCarlo's personal collection)

You know what's fun?  Being a lifelong fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers, that's what.  Here's a picture of two guys with Cara DeCarlo on the day Price's number 25 was retired into the rafters in November, 1999.

So after Cara got in touch with Laura this season, they exchanged some messages, and Cara sent the Price family videos and pictures of her incredible collection of vintage media.  These videos are absolutely remarkable.  Here's a link to Cara's youtube channel where you can find them (link).  Obviously, the 90s Mark Price SportsCenter commercial, the 1992 Jim Donavan interview and the video of Price's old band "Lifeline" are "must watch" material. 

As you know, Price is coaching with the Bobcats this season, which is a suave move by that organization considering Price's coaching credentials.  Every team Price has coached for has improved it's shooting percentage year to year.  If you saw point guard Kemba Walker bomb away with made shots against the Cavaliers last Friday night, you know that situation had Price's coaching fingerprints all over it.

Last night Price and Walker, who had another outstanding game scoring 25 on 9 of 20 from the floor and 4 of 5 at the free throw line, were at Madison Square Garden defeating the Knicks 102-97. Cara attended as a guest of Mark Price, then met him after the game to talk basketball. And Price was just exactly what you would expect.

"Just a normal guy, someone you'd be friends with," said DeCarlo.  "I was nervous but excited.  This was maybe the fourth time in my life that I was going to 'meet' him, but the first where it wasn't a Cavs signing or function.  He was very cool and easy to talk to.  It was like we had known each other for years.  He's very funny and down to earth."

And perhaps most importantly "He's still appreciative of the love he still gets from Cavs fans after all these years."

Every city has it's athletes, it's artists, it's people that become an indelible part of the city, of the community.  They're not all created equal and they aren't always people that a city hold in the same high esteem after careers have ended or time has moved on.  Mark Price is and will always be a Cleveland Cavalier and someone that the city can be proud of.