Kyrie Irving Doesn’t Get Tired

If Kyrie Irving were a normal person he would've still been exhausted on Wednesday after competing for three-straight days at All-Star Weekend.

Fortunately for Cavaliers fans, however, dude is anything but normal. 

Below is a picture from our friends at that speaks to Irving's out-of-this-world-ness better than I can this morning.

Thought it was appropriate to include after what the Eastern Conference's best point guard did last night to the New Orleans Hornets.   

Scoring 35 points on 59 percent shooting to go along with seven assists and five rebounds is a totally ridiculous stat line in itself. Those numbers are only made to read more ridiculously when you watched the way Irving went about posting them.

The fourth quarter is when your leader and go-to guy steps up. We just try to space out the floor and let Kyrie do his thing. We know he's going to make the right plays for his teammates and himself."  – Tristan Thompson

With just under seven minutes remaining, trailing the Hornets by four, Irving rattled off 18 of the Cavaliers next 20 points to put Cleveland ahead for good.  All tolled, he finished with 20 of his 35 coming in the final seven minutes of the game.

This after not scoring his first basket of the game until the three minute mark in the first quarter.

But while the national television audience was able to witness Irving's brilliance last night for the first time, we've always known he's a special kind of superstar. One who seems to get better every time he steps onto the floor.

Thoughts on today's trade deadline: 

I haven't written much about the Cavaliers at the trade deadline because I haven't expected them to make a move. I discussed the 25 trades I thought most likely to happen for Bleacher Report on Tuesday and didn't include any Cavaliers on the list. 

Specifically, I didn't include Mo Speights. He had a rough game last night — four points in 18 minutes — and I have no idea what implication that could have — if any — on today's deadline. But if I was Speights, I'd pick up my player option for $4.5 million next season and then see how much I could earn from there. 

Meaning, I'd play out my first year in the NBA — ever — where I averaged more than 30 minutes per game as a starter every night for the Cavaliers and then try to ink an $8 million per year-ish deal after that. 

Which is what Chris Grant might be thinking too if he doesn't end up moving Speights today.

For as good as he's looked in spurts, he's never had the opportunity to average more than 22.4 minutes per game in a season. Not picking up that option and trying to cash in early would leave money on the table I think.

So while there's interest in Speights to be sure, I think he stays. 

Daniel Gibson and Omri Casspi could be moved though. 

I have no idea about Gibson, but the Spurs were a team that Casspi was almost traded to from Sacramento before he landed in Cleveland.  Reports surfaced last night that there could be interest there again.

But while we'll find out pretty soon what happens for sure, I think everybody stays put in the end. 

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