Talking Cavs on’s Sunday Insider Show

Yesterday I caught up with our friend Glenn Moore to talk Cleveland Cavaliers and the NBA draft on's Sunday Insider Show.  I joined Glenn's one-hour show around the 13-minute mark. You can listen to the podcast in its entirety here.

Sunday Insider: Brendan Bowers on the NBA Draft and the No. 1 Pick

Thanks to Glenn for having me on.

Really is a tough decision atop this draft board for Chris Grant and company. As I mentioned yesterday, I would not be upset by the selection of either Otto Porter, Ben McLemore or Nerlens Noel. Each bring different reasons for excitement and each provide different ingredients for the possibility of long-term success.

If I had to pick one guy, however, I'm sticking with Porter for the moment.

That decision is taxing enough for me, though, and I don't even actually have to make it. Hopefully Chris Grant and company can get some time off here on Memorial Day and give themselves a break from all the pros-and-cons lists. 

Happy Memorial Day you guys, thanks to all the troops who served our nation so that we can debate the merits of Noel, McLemore and Porter on the basketball court as if it really matters.

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