Talking Cavs with Glenn and dealing with Dion’s last shot

Yesterday afternoon I caught up with our old friend and former co-host of the Wine and Gold Podcast Glenn Moore from

Mr. Moore and I discussed the chances of Kyrie Irving winning the 3-point shoot-out, an article  I wrote comparing Irving to Mark Price last week and the trade possibilities surrounding Big Mo Speights.

The link to that episode of's Sports Insider is here if you want to check it out.

Later on in the day, I checked out the Cavs most recent on-court battle with the San Antonio Spurs from the Cavaliers Social Media Suite. The Cavs were nice enough to give my girlfriend Courtney the tickets and it was cool watching the game in the suite sponsored by Giorgio's Pizza.

If I bored you by typing out those last two sentences I apologize. I was trying to transition away from talking with Glenn yesterday afternoon to the final series of the Cavs / Spurs game last night.

Mentioning my girlfriend, Giorgio's Pizza and the Cavaliers Social Suite was the best I could do, I guess.

Regardless, as I posted on Twitter last night following the game, I am choosing to focus on Dion Waiters' ability to step up and hit a monster shot to take the lead against the NBA's best team with eight seconds left as opposed to spending time being frustrated or concerned by the event[s] that followed.

After hitting the most memorable jumper of his NBA career, Waiters pinched down on Hall-of-Famer Tony Parker and left second-year NBA pro Kawhi Leonard open.

Wide open, actually.

Leonard knocked down a three only seconds after Waiters styled his epic basket and the Spurs beat the Cavs.

Just like everyone in the world thought they would before the game ever started.

The final-final shot was Irving's and he slipped while missing it as time expired.

But while the defensive lapse cannot happen, Waiters did hit the type of shot that cannot be completely measured by PER and shooting percentages. 

I understand that he's only at 39.6 percent on the season heading into the All-Star break, but I like that he can make shots like he made last night.

Now, so long as dude remembers to play defense after that, he'll only be more confident stepping up and making another one when it really matters.

On to the next one, people, as the incremental steps forward continue for Waiters and everyone else.

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