Talking Bynum with Bruce and on Cavs Summer League Debut

I grew up listening to Bruce Drennan on sports talk airwaves in Cleveland. He's a legend who continues to do a great job on a daily basis. 

He and Gene Winters invited me back on All Bets Are Off again on Thursday and I had a great time talking Cavs with those guys. Besides breaking down the Andrew Bynum deal, we also discussed the Cavs signing Jarrett Jack, Earl Clark and the potential for playoff basketball in Cleveland this year.

Below is a video I posted on YouTube of my segment with Bruce if you missed it.

Cavs make Summer League Debut on Friday

The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night by a score of 70-62.

After coaching four practices earlier this week in Las Vegas, Mike Brown's team managed to keep all of the Lakers' starters in single-digit points for the game. Sure, the shooting was bad on both ends of the floor, but the Cavs did also play with an attention to defense that hasn't been seen in Cleveland since Brown left.

Though Tyler Zeller kept the Cavs in it early, with a fast-break dunk to go along with seven points and four rebounds, the first half was pretty brutal to watch. Dion Waiters missed a whole bunch of shots that don't matter and maybe he won't win Summer League MVP afterall.

The professional debut of Cavs second round pick Carrick Felix, however, did matter and the Arizona State product did some encouraging things out there. 

The snap-judgment part of me, after only the first summer league game, thinks that Felix will not only make this Cavs team but could potentially find himself in the bottom-end of the rotation. He's a willing and capable rebounder from the small forward position and that's a role the Cavs will need someone to fill on that second unit.

Beyond that, Mike Brown's interview was essentially the highlight of the game.

Brown said that he and the Cavs were recruiting Reggie Miller out of retirement during their 2006-07 season that ended in the NBA Finals. He also replied to a joke about getting fired after five games by saying, "Well, they just gave me a five-year contract so I'm not sure they'll want to fire me after a 1-4 start."

In describing his preliminary conversations with Waiters, he also said that he challenged Dion to take pride defensively by asking him why he [Brown] never hears people talking about him [Waiters] on that end of the floor in the same way he hears people talk about Iman Shumpert and Lance Stephenson.

I'll be traveling out to Vegas myself on Monday. Will have plenty more on Summer League when I get there.

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