Cavs Blogger Travels To Ferguson To Help Protestors

If you only know Jack Sanders from his Cavs-centric @WayneEmbrysKids Twitter account, maybe you think he’s crazy in a fun sort of way. If you only know Jack Sanders as Cleveland Jackson, and read his work here, maybe you’d agree with me in considering him one of the most talented writers anywhere on the internet.

But if you know who Jack Sanders is as a person, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he dropped everything and drove 600 miles to Ferguson, MO last week to volunteer legal services for a community of people who needed such support.

I’m proud to know Jack as a person, proud to call him a friend, and proud of what he did last week in Ferguson. You should read his article about it, and be proud to know he was representing Cleveland while doing everything he could to help.

Via Scene Magazine:

“I got in my car in Ohio City Friday and drove almost 600 miles from Cleveland to Ferguson, Missouri. I’m not a protest tourist; I’m not a member of any organization. I’m not even really employed at the moment. I’m just an outraged guy with a law license and a ton of experience handling discrimination cases. And after the militarized police response to protesters, after they started shooting tear gas and making random arrests of media members and a local politician, I told my friend, another lawyer, “We should be down there, helping people who get wrongfully arrested during the protests.”

After a brief peace Thursday that stretched into Friday night, it seemed like I’d made the trip for nothing. At 10:00 p.m. I was a white man wearing a Mark Price jersey and driving alone down West Florissant Avenue — through the beating heart of the nighttime victory protests of young African Americans. There were cars constantly honking horns, cheering, signs (“NWA was right,” “HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT,” among the less complex themes), people riding on top of vehicles, people in the streets.

The police have killed their son, brother, friend. They believe that it was done while he was surrendering, in broad daylight on a Saturday, in front of hundreds of windows of surrounding apartment buildings. They believe they and the entire town are the victims of institutional and systemic racism. They believe nothing will happen unless they act.”

Read the full article: Scene Magazine

Photo: Scene Magazine

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