James Jones: The way you lead is you get out there and compete

I spoke with 2x NBA champion James Jones for my latest at SLAM Magazine. I asked Jones how he, as a veteran, is able to move past the spectacle of Cavs media day and help set the tone for training camp.

He offered some valuable insight and description of both his approach, as well as his fellow championship free-agents Shawn Marion and Mike Miller. An excerpt of Jones’ quotes are below. I also asked David Blatt about the impact Jones and the other vets have had at camp thus far.

Via SLAM Magazine:

“The way you lead is you get out there and you get on the floor and compete,” Jones said. “If you compete, you will make those guys better. And when they get better, and develop their talent, especially the young guys, it makes your team better. And it makes you tough to beat.”

In terms of leadership, Jones added that he and fellow free-agents Mike Miller and Shawn Marion—who combine for six Championship rings between them—aren’t trying to be overly vocal at the onset of camp. But if there is a reason to speak up, they’re equipped with the respect required to do so effectively.

“Unless you see something,” Jones said, on when he might motivate or offer advice to a fellow teammate during practice. “But our guys are here early in the summer. You see the work they’re putting in, you see the energy. They’re anxious. They’re coming from a time where they were rebuilding. Now they have a chance to take some of those things they learned, some of those experiences they had while they were rebuilding, and help us translate those into wins. So there is an excitement level. When guys are excited about winning, you don’t have to do much talking.”

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