Krayzie Bone on LeBron James returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers

Krayzie Bone, aka Anthony Henderson, is a living legend. He’s a founding member of the iconic rap group Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony and a successful solo artist who has legions of fans all over the world. During his career, he’s won multiple Grammy Awards, led successful business ventures as a CEO, hosted his own radio show and accomplished a ton of other amazing things in addition to raising an awesome family.

But besides all that, as I detailed at SLAM in October, Krayzie is a diehard fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

So with the possibility of LeBron James returning to his favorite team, I reached out to the Cleveland-native and asked him what he thought about all this.

“I would love for him to come back home,” Krayzie Bone said of LeBron James’ potential return to the Cavs. “I think it would do the city some great justice. And to me, it only seems right. I’m not going to get overly excited and extra pumped up just in case it’s a big letdown. But you know what, I think we got some good players now. With Kyrie and the other good players we got, and now adding Andrew Wiggins to the roster, it makes a lot of sense for him to come home. And I think not only should LeBron give Cleveland a second shot, but Cleveland should also give him another shot, too.”

Just like the rest of us, Krayzie admits he was disappointed when James left during the summer of 2010. But he also understands that LeBron is at a different point in his career these days, and that now could be the perfect time for him to write a new chapter.

“I strongly believe that had Cleveland done more to keep him the first time then he could’ve stayed,” Krayzie said. “It always felt like they should have brought more players to Cleveland to play around him. If help is what he wanted, then they should have went out and got him help. I strongly feel like that. So I was disappointed when he left but I was never upset. I still supported him while he was in Miami. I’m a LeBron fan. No matter what he’s doing, I’m still going to be a fan. But I really would like him to go back to Cleveland and just put the city on. Bring the buzz back to the city like it was before he left.”

Krayzie and the other members of Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony actually spent some time in Miami earlier this season with James. Chris Bosh flew the group down to South Beach to perform at his 30th birthday party. Cleveland’s most famous rap group definitely didn’t leave, however, without putting in some recruiting work for their hometown squad.

“When we were with him earlier this year, of course we were gonna joke around with him about coming back. We were like, ‘Yeah, we know you’re coming back home, right?’ He just laughed, and said, ‘Well, you know, we gotta do something.’ So we were all laughing and just saying, ‘You gotta come home man, we still got love for you in Cleveland. Don’t let all those haters worry you, there’s still love for you in the city. For real.'”

James and Krayzie haven’t talked since that trip to Miami. But the Bone legend certainly does know the four-time MVP a whole lot better than the majority of Cavs fans. So I asked Krayzie if he thought that coming back to Cleveland to put the city on and create that enormous buzz in Northeast Ohio is something that might be important to James when it comes time to make his ultimate decision.

“I think he would want to do all that,” Krayzie said. “Who wouldn’t want to win a championship for their hometown? There’s not many people that get a chance to do that. Not many athletes get a chance to win it for their hometown, where they’re actually from. He’s already a franchise player with two championship rings. But I think it only makes his story more classic if went back to Cleveland and won two or three more here. That would put him up there with the greats, the Kobe’s, the Michael Jordan’s and the Magic Johnson’s. I mean, he’s destined to be that anyway, but I think it makes a greater story if he comes back to Cleveland. If he wins the fans back and he takes them there. I think it’s a much better hero story in the end.”

During our conversation, I began thinking about what it might be like in Cleveland on opening night if he actually did come back to the Cavs. Then I asked Krayzie if he’d bring all five members of Bone to perform their classic anthem, “No Surrrender,” live at the Q while James, Irving, Wiggins and the rest of the Cavaliers were introduced.

“That would be insane! We would definitely be there,” he said. “If he comes back, we will be right behind the Cavaliers bench on opening night. Better believe that. If he comes back we’re making songs for the Cavs and everything. We’ll put the city on that night for sure.”

Chasing The Devil and a 2015 Bone Thugs World Tour

Krayzie’s final solo project, “Chasing The Devil”, is scheduled for release on July 22nd. It is the first of a three-part trilogy. I asked him what he’s most excited about with this album after putting out so many classics throughout his career.

“I’m excited about this album because I’ve been able to take my time with it. I’m not signed to any major label, I’ve been able to take my time and do it the way I wanted to do it. I put the ideas together from start to finish, the way I see it and the way I feel it. I think it’s going to be one of my greatest album releases ever. I think the fans are going to be very, very satisfied with it. I know they’ve been waiting for a long time. But they can trust me when I say that they will be satisfied and they will enjoy it. There are three albums to look forward to. This project will be going on for a long time.”

If you follow Krayzie on Instagram and Twitter, you already know that he’s been touring for most of the year. On Saturday he was in Detroit, a couple weeks before that Kansas City, and he’ll be performing in New York when Chasing the Devil drops on July 22. I asked him about life on the road, who he’s been performing with and where else he’ll be over the next few months.

“Next week we are going to Florida. We are doing tour dates in Orlando, then over to Carolina, Myrtle Beach and Wichita, Kansas. Then we’re getting ready to go on the Monster Energy Drink Tour in October. We’ll be touring this whole year then we’re stopping in December. We’ll take a break for the month of December. Then starting in 2015, we’re launching the first Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony World Tour ever with all five members of the group. It’s called “The Legends Tour” and it’s going to be great. It’s going to be real big. So we’re looking forward to that and we’re just out here trying to solidify the legacy.

Last night, in Detroit, it was me, Bizzy, Wish and Flesh on stage. Layzie didn’t make it but he’ll be at our next stops. We were rocking out with E-40 and Too Short this weekend. It was a great, a great turnout in Detroit. They showed us so much love out there it’s ridiculous. It’s always love in Detroit. We always support them for everything they’re going through down there. It’s always good when we can go there and take their minds off all the craziness for a little while. Detroit is only two hours away and they’ve always showed us so much love throughout our career so we were just trying to give that love right back.”

I saw this post last week about a Bone Thugs and Wu-Tang Clan collaboration. Had to ask Krayzie if that was something that might happen one day while I had him on the phone.

“We’ve been talking about that every time I run into the RZA. We’ve always been playing around like, when we getting into the studio? We need to make this happen. We’ve been talking about it like that for years. I think it’s going to happen someday because we’re totally open to it. And they’re totally open to it. It’s just going to take somebody to really get in and make it happen. I’m definitely going to try and push for it and just surprise everybody one day with a Bone Thugs / Wu-Tang cypher video and just kill the game.”

The next time Krayzie will be back in Cleveland?

“I’ll be in Cleveland on July 16. I’m shooting a video with Hi-Tek, Bow-Wow and Bootsy Collins. A song called Ohio Players. We’re shooting my scene in Cleveland and it’s going to be real big. Looking forward to being back in the city.”

Maybe LeBron will be back by July 16, too. Big thanks to Krayzie Bone for representing and inspiring Cleveland throughout his entire life. Hoping to see him perform at the Q on opening night.

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