SLAM: Cavs Players Describe David Blatt’s Offense in Two Words or Less

I published my latest article at SLAM this past Friday. After Mike Miller described David Blatt’s offense as “borderline genius”, I reached out to Brendan Haywood, Shawn Marion and rookie Joe Harris for their impressions thus far. An excerpt from that article is as follows.

Their descriptions of Blatt’s offense are below.

Brendan Haywood: “Spurs-esque”

Shawn Marion: “Free-Flowing”

Joe Harris: “Detail Oriented”

At first glance, terms like “detail oriented” and “free-flowing” might seem to contradict each other. But they are also two important principles of the Princeton offense. My impression from our conversations is that once you learn and thoroughly understand the details of Blatt’s offense, the collective movement becomes free-flowing—and potentially even “Spurs-esque.”

Haywood, Marion and Harris went on to provide additional insight. Harris is a second-round pick from Virginia entering his rookie campaign with the Cavaliers. Haywood and Marion have combined to play 27 years in the NBA prior to this season.

Haywood, Marion and Harris went on to further explain what they meant by their descriptions above. You can read that article in full here at SLAM Magazine: Borderline Genius? Cavs Players Describe David Blatt’s Offense in Two Words or Less.

Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

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