SLAM Magazine: Tristan Thompson For The 216

I wrote an article on Tristan Thompson for SLAM Magazine today. An excerpt and link is below.

SLAM – For The 216:

This past weekend, Thompson linked up with teammate LeBron James and All-NBA point guard Chris Paul for a workout session at UCLA. While there, he was able to observe some of the work habits that help make those superstars great.

“The thing I notice most working out with LeBron and Chris is how efficient they are in their workouts,” Thompson said while on set with Klutch Sports Group for a screening of LeBron’s television series Survivor’s Remorse. “A lot of guys tend to think that if you work out for two hours straight, or an hour-and-a-half straight, basically working on everything, that’s the right way to do it. But sometimes you’re overexerting your body that way.

“For those guys, entering their 10th and 11th year in the League, they’ve been through it so long and they’re efficient with their work. They go in there for an hour and work on exactly what they’re going to work on that day. They’re in the exact spots on the floor they’re going to be most effective during the games. That’s something us younger players need to observe. That’s how you keep your body fresh, keep that longevity going. You go 82 games, plus Playoffs. That’s a long season.”

Full Article: Tristan Thompson For The 216

I’ll be covering Media Day for SLAM on Friday, will have more from there.  Cheers.

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