Breaking Down The Cavs

Pretty sure all you Cavs fans out there read ESPN’s 5-on-5 analysis of our team, hopes and ambitions for the upcoming “NBA Season”. The article was originally published on the 26th of August, I had intended to post my response on the 27th of August but here’s why that never happened: 27th August – It’s […]

NBA Lockout Blues

I think I’ve reached withdrawal symptom stage level one. Level one is when you just about miss something that much that it kinda churns your stomach when you think about it. You know when you break up with that girl you were with for an extended period of time, and you bump into her/see her […]


The Dallas Mavericks? Really? After last night’s not-so-close Game 6, a game in which I personally thought LeBron (after his early fast start) was going to dominate; our NBA season came to an end. It’s in the books that the Dallas Mavericks were indeed the best team in our league – in the playoffs at […]

NBA Finals Preview

Its here. After months of SuperFriends, super trades, silly trades and Blake Griffin sending Youtube into meltdown with his acrobatics, the NBA Finals is a little over 24 hours away. Representing the West and in the Blue corner you have the Dallas Mavericks. Flying the flag for the East and in the Red corner you […]

NBA Mock Draft

Mock Drafts have to be the most common of NBA blogs, agreed? Every basketball site worth its salt will have one…if not several mock drafts right upto the night of the actual draft. Why? Because its fun. It’s fun to play GM for a while, it feels good to have the decision making firmly in […]

Reaction To The Lottery

Please not the following events actually did take place in my house, last night, around 1:30am local time, for me. While the quotations might not be word for word accurate, they’re pretty darn close. I promise you, this is the conversation I had with my TV around ten and a bit hours ago. The 14th […]

The Draft – Part Five: Center

And then there was one…position left to cover on our rundown of Cavaliers wants and needs in this summers draft. It’s the position that has seemingly been outgrown in the perimeter orientated NBA of today, but is a spot that if you are strong at, can take you far. Just look at the four teams […]

The Draft – Part Four: PF’s

I’ve professed my love for Kyrie Irving, spoken of my admiration for Alec Burks and admitted my man crush on Derrick Williams – now its time for one of the two remaining spots left to cover in this years draft, the power forward spot. Almost every mock draft you come across has Enes Kanter – […]

The Draft – Part Three: SF’s

Count me in as one of the believers who thought that a guy rocking 23 and racking up MVP’s for fun would lock down the Cavaliers small forward spot down for the next ten years. Count me in as one of the believers that no matter what our deficiencies anywhere else on the court, we’d […]

The Draft – Part Two: SG’s

I’ve already spent time digging through the point guard spot, now its time to shift over one spot to the shooting guard. The two spot has been pretty beneficial the past few years in the draft – the last five years alone has seen the likes of Evan Turner, James Harden , DeMar DeRozan, OJ […]

The Draft – Part One: PG’s

Who’d a thunk it eh? After all the crap we’ve suffered through all season long, from decisions to injuries, from losing streaks to even more injuries, from Ryan Hollins to believe it or not more injuries, we go away and finish the season off ON FIRE by winning 4 out of our last 6 games. […]

Talking Trades

Pretty interesting day yesterday huh? We had the nearly deals like OJ Mayo going to Indiana, Rip Hamilton deciding he preferred the bench rather than being bought out and going to the Celtics and the near Jamison/Murphy swap between our Cavs and Golden State, I think by my count a total of 496 players were […]

Melo-wing Out

Finally, after weeks and months of speculation, he has arrived. And no, I’m not talking about The Undertaker returning to RAW last night. I’m not even talking about Triple H returning in the same show – I’m talking about Melo, New York and 379 other NBA players seemingly involved in this trade. Let’s digest it […]

NBA Dribbles

When Jrue Holiday recorded his first career triple-double against New Jersey some two weeks ago, people introduced it on several highlight reel shows (NBA Tonight springs to mind) as “a poor mans triple-double”. They said that because his tallies were a mere 11 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds. Photo Credit: So why are […]

Weekend Dribbles

They say you learn something new everyday. For instance, a few days ago I learned (via Twitter – everybody’s new source of info) that the one and only Kareem Abdul Jabbar is now cancer free. Saturday, I learned that my favourite soccer team (Man Utd) lack the necessary heart to realise the potential within and […]