Ten Thoughts To Ponder

I’ve kinda taken a back seat at Stepien Rules lately, I dunno why I just decided to stay away from all things Cavs-related, Brendan and the increasingly fun-to-read Dave Wooley are covering things just fine anyways so not like I’ve been missed. In the time since I last came to you with my thoughts on […]

Talking Bout The Future

Ok, lets just get this out of the way here and now and put it out there for all to see and absorb – us Cavaliers fans know that we suck, we aren’t that stupid. We know we are quite conceivably the worst team in the NBA; our record backs that argument up. For some […]

Rookie All Stars

I feel as though we’re pretty up on things here at Stepien Rules as regards the All Star weekend, I mean so far we’ve covered the East, broke down the West and now today we’ll be talking Rookies. Just a few minor changes from the format of the previous two blogs in that we won’t […]

West Coast Divisional All Stars

After my highly successful, much talked about and critically acclaimed Eastern Conference Divisional All Star blog, I now present to you, my loyal subjects, the Western Conference Divisional All Star Squads 2011. Before we get into this, I’m just letting you know that yes, some of these selections are a bit iffy, a bit “out […]

East Coast Divisional All Stars

In little over 5 weeks, the NBA All Star game will take place in the Staples Center of Los Angeles, the fifth such time the game will have taken place at the home of the Lakers. Oh, and the Clippers. With that in mind, yours truly is taking time out of his hectic Cavalier-related schedule […]

Reality Sets In

Listen, we all knew what we were getting into this season as Cavs fans. We knew replacing the other fella was going to be hard, deep down though I’m not quite sure we thought it would be this hard. The pain and aguish we experienced once the words “I’m taking my talents to South Beach” […]

A New Year Preview

January is going to be an ugly start to 2011 for our Cavaliers. Actually, it’s going to be so ugly it might just be oogly – seriously. But for anyone who seriously follows me here, you know that I’m a pretty lighthearted guy, I tend not to let things get too serious here because like […]

Rookie Report and Draft Prospects

Rookie time. Rookie report card time I should say. Not only that, you’re getting a double-blog right about now as with the 2nd part I’m giving you five guys currently plying their time in college that our Cavaliers should be monitoring…closely. People are starting to say it’s “tank time” with regards to our season, others […]

Cavs Downed By The Magic 3 Ball

Cavs v Orlando 1.      Free Throws again – you can’t leave ten points slip when you’re battling against a top team 2.      If Mo Williams had played the final three quarters like he had the first (14 points) things might have been different 3.      You cannot allow two teams on two separate occasions to come […]

Streak Over!

Whole lotta stuff going on in the NBA right now huh? We’ve got trades, trade talk, streaks being ended and streaks continuing and we haven’t even reached Christmas (though its really close). Today I’m bringing you the first ever “Snowed In Blog Because It’s Sunday And There’s Nothing Else To Do”. It’s going to be […]

Just A Thought But…

Couple things been playing out on my mind these past few days, so I thought what better way get them off my chest then by typing them out and boring you guys to tears with them. I’m a start off with our Cavaliers… I like the effort we put on the floor against the Wade-ettes, […]

Tough Times

Things are pretty dim and gloomy right now around the Q. Players are upset about their roles (more on that in a minute), the coach is starting to show signs of the strain brought on by an 8 game losing streak and pundits and “experts” are being made look correct by us failing to play […]

Mailbag Time!!

Q: Right now, hand on heart, where do you see our Cavaliers finishing out the season? Please tell me I’m not alone in thinking we can make the playoffs? – “LeQuitness”, Ohio A: First off – I’m loving the alter ego you’re rocking right now, I’ve heard a lot of variations on his name and […]

Better Effort Needed

We knew that there would be times and games like the ones we’ve just finished off. Our past five games have been, to say the very least, shambolic. It has been a shambles, without doubt. I’m going to be very open and honest here about how I feel because sugar-coating things just won’t do. I’m […]

Second Half Woes Pile Up

So what started out as a three game road trip against what I like to call “Neighbouring Teams” has come full cycle, and we returned home Wednesday for part deux against the Nets. Before we get into what occurred at the Q, just a quick little run down of what was a satisfying win over […]