Wine & Gold Show Podcast – Episode 20 – Lockout And Z In Rafters

You can listen to “The Wine & Gold Show” every Tuesday at 7 P.M. EST (LISTEN HERE). You will be able to join the chat room and call in as well. Make sure to tweet out the show and use the hashtag #WGSHOW. Brendan Bowers and Glenn Moore kicked off their third season of “The […]

“Wine & Gold Show” Pregame Show vs. Bucks

The “Wine and Gold Show” is back! Starting at 7pm EST with your hosts Glenn Moore ( and Brendan Bowers ( Join us in the chat below the player! Free video streaming by Ustream Chat Room

“The Wine & Gold Show” : Cavs/Celtics Game 3 Preview

Click here to listen to “The Wine & Gold Show” Cavs/Celtics Game 3 Preview Show In this recorded version of the “The Wine & Gold Show”, Glenn and Brendan touched on the Cleveland Cavaliers blowout loss to the Boston Celtics in Game 2 of their Best-of-Seven series. They talked about the dismal performance from the […]

The “Wine & Gold Show” : Cavs/Bulls Game 5 Pregame Show

The “Wine & Gold Show” is live today! Glenn and Brendan will preview (hopefully the final game of this series) Game 5 of the Bulls/Cavs first round matchup. Tonight’s guest is BRAD ZIBUNG from the Chicago based publication “THE HECKLER”. He will be giving us insight on the mood from Chicago and on tonight’s Game […]

The “Wine & Gold Show” Cavs/Bulls Game 4 Show

The “Wine & Gold Show” is live today! Glenn and Brendan are back to preview Game 4 of the Cavaliers/Bulls 1st Round Series. We start at 2:30 pm ET and will go until tipoff. You can join us in the chat room below or call in two ways: either the hotline or on Skype. CALL […]

The “Wine & Gold Show” Returns Tonight! Cavs/Bulls Pregame 7PM

The “Wine & Gold Show” returns tonight! We have taken a few months off to gear up for the playoffs and we return just in time for Game 2 of the Cleveland Cavaliers/Chicago Bulls 1st Round Series. We start at 7pm ET and will go until tipoff. You can jump in the live chat or […]

No Mo, No James, No Win For Cavs, Get Beat By Pacers 116-113

Cleveland Cavaliers fans are getting a heavy dose of what Cavs basketball would be like next year if LeBron James leaves Cleveland. As James sat for the second straight night, the Cavaliers lost to the Indiana Pacers at home, 116-113. For the second straight night, the Cavs gave up over one hundred points without their […]

When Going Gets Tough, Cavs Get Tougher, Beat Celtics 108-88

While it seemed like the Cleveland Cavaliers were about to let the Boston Celtics and Rajon Rondo run away with a victory, LeBron James stepped in and made sure that was not the case. The Cavaliers (45-14) held the Celtics to only 32 points in the second half and scored 35 points themselves in the […]

Rookie Hornets Surprise Cavaliers

The first name you think of when you hear New Orleans Hornets is Chris Paul. You may have to change that to three names after tonight. The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the New Orleans Hornets 105-95 and while the Cavaliers played lackadaisical at times on defense, you can’t ignore the fact that the Hornets have two […]

Zydrunas Ilgauskas Makes Cameo Appearance In LeBron’s Nike Commercial

Cleveland Cavaliers center ZYDRUNAS ILGAUSKAS has “made the big time now”! He made a cameo appearance in one of LeBron James Nike puppet commercials.  It’s good to see Big Z get some TV time. He has been a staple in the Cavaliers organization for over a decade and has contributed to the Cavaliers success for […]

Cavaliers Get Easy Win Against Tired Grizzlies, 105-89

You would have thought a team that just beat the defending NBA champions Los Angeles Lakers the night before, would have been a tougher test for the Cleveland Cavaliers. That was not the case Tuesday night as the Cavaliers romped over the energy-drained Memphis Grizzles 105-89. The Cavaliers (39-11) used precision passing, tenacious defense, and […]