Rookie Report and Draft Prospects

Rookie time. Rookie report card time I should say. Not only that, you’re getting a double-blog right about now as with the 2nd part I’m giving you five guys currently plying their time in college that our Cavaliers should be monitoring…closely. People are starting to say it’s “tank time” with regards to our season, others […]

Cavs Downed By The Magic 3 Ball

Cavs v Orlando 1.      Free Throws again – you can’t leave ten points slip when you’re battling against a top team 2.      If Mo Williams had played the final three quarters like he had the first (14 points) things might have been different 3.      You cannot allow two teams on two separate occasions to come […]

Cavaliers Christmas Report Cards

Ever been genuinely terrified of getting your Christmas Report Card from school? You know, you’ve just lumbered through the first few months, done enough to get by but not enough to stand out, then the report card comes home and the instant thought of “Oh Crap!!” pops into your head as your mom opens up […]

What if it was Mike Brown who lost 12 of last 13?

Furthermore, what if Mike Brown was the coach right now and the Cavaliers had the EXACT same results as they’ve had so far this season? All final scores the same, the lay down against Miami at home, brains blown out against Minnesota for example as an encore to that give-up job at home, all of what we’ve seen […]

A couple podcasts, as Cavs prep for Jazz…then lose to Jazz 101-90

The Cavs welcome the Jazz tonight in a few, and below is link to a podcast I jumped into on Sunday with good folks from the Utah Jazz Blog.  It’s a quality podcast as always from those guys, and a great primer for tonight’s game.  Click – here – to listen…I join them talking all things Cleveland Cavaliers at the 11 minute mark.   — I also […]

Streak Over!

Whole lotta stuff going on in the NBA right now huh? We’ve got trades, trade talk, streaks being ended and streaks continuing and we haven’t even reached Christmas (though its really close). Today I’m bringing you the first ever “Snowed In Blog Because It’s Sunday And There’s Nothing Else To Do”. It’s going to be […]

VIDEO: Cavs/Knicks Gameblog…Cavs win in OT 109-102…streak ends

It’s gotta be getting pretty repetitive doing this obligatory pre-game press conference talk, but the Head Coach has to or he’ll be fined, so Byron Scott did it again today.  With a smile too I might add.  Below, Byron’s talking about Joey Graham’s injury (out a couple weeks), Christian Eyenga’s play of late in the D-League, […]

Just A Thought But…

Couple things been playing out on my mind these past few days, so I thought what better way get them off my chest then by typing them out and boring you guys to tears with them. I’m a start off with our Cavaliers… I like the effort we put on the floor against the Wade-ettes, […]

Tough Times

Things are pretty dim and gloomy right now around the Q. Players are upset about their roles (more on that in a minute), the coach is starting to show signs of the strain brought on by an 8 game losing streak and pundits and “experts” are being made look correct by us failing to play […]