This won’t be fixed from within…these guys quit trying…how about OJ Mayo?

After the Cavaliers took the floor for their fifth straight lifeless performance tonight in their latest humiliating loss, this time to the lowly Sixers, Austin Carr said somethings that caught my attention in the Fox Sports postgame show.  In making the point that “something has to be done to break this cycle that they’re in,”  Carr went on to […]

What should Cavs fans do now?

The wheels are kinda falling off the track right now. The only reason I wouldn’t say they’re completely off already after watching this “appearance they made in Detroit tonight” is because the Cavaliers are only 20 games into the season at this point.   Seven and thirteen is not at all a good record, but it’s not the worst record in […]

VIDEO: TNT crew takes court in CLE to massive ovation…as do Cavs with score still tied

Years ago, the remotely negative critiques of a certain small forward offered by Charles Barkley were enough for his picture to be used to generate boos on the jumbotron at Quicken Loans Arena.  That was years ago though, now he’s a legend.    I shot this video standing courtside on Thursday, just behind the TNT set.  Charles Barkley is rock star… eZ8VVLU4FTM[/youtube] The […]

Disappointment: Cavs fall flat on their faces with the world watching

Discussing the aftermath of last night with my longtime colleague at Curse of Cleveland, J.V., I told him that there were more painful losses since I’ve been following Cavaliers basketball (basically every elimination game the past four years, but especially the last two seasons), yet never was there a defeat so embarrassing, so disappointing, so […]

Too much sadness for hate

Rewind to the spring of 2009. Say for a moment Andy runs Rashard Lewis off the 3 point line and he misses in game 1. Say Delonte West is able to corral a loose ball to secure a victory instead of the ball bouncing out of bounds in game 4 giving another shot to Orlando. […]

Ready or not, LeBron, here comes Cleveland!

December 2nd will be one of the most emotional days that I’ve had as a sports fan. That much I’m certain of. I’d be lying if I said I had not thought about the events of July 8th EVERY SINGLE DAY. What could have been? What is going to be? What does the future hold […]

Thursday’s Heat game…a celebration of disappointment

In case anyone was wondering or cares, I’m not mad or angry about anything that’s about to transpire on Thursday night. I’m not excited to see any of it either. There isn’t a cleverly crafted sign that I can see that will make me feel better. There’s no series of chants or a chorus of boos that will […]

Cavs host Celtics – the prelude to the inevitable…and Cavs lose by 19

Postgame Notes: So no.  There will be no magical wave that will carry these Cavaliers into Thursday.  They’ll actually be forced now to get back up off Tuesday night’s Quicken Loans deck, shake this 106-87 haymaker style loss to the Celtics off, and do whatever it is they end up doing against Miami on Thursday.  Before I get too […]

If a recent trend can continue, Cavs could make major noise this week

When TheHickson is able to accompany a Mo Williams 20+ point performance in the same game with 15+ of his own, the Cavaliers have never lost this season.  Now sure, that has only happened twice so far this season – the 123-116 win over Philly (Mo netted 22, JJ scored 16) – and now most recently during Saturday’s 92-86 win over Memphis (Mo went for 25, JJ had 16) but I have […]

Cavs – Bucks…sure, it’s a must win…and Cavs do 83-81

2nd Half: Where Mo Williams hits a game winner, Cavs win by two, and the moment he emerges as ‘that guy?’ Maurice Williams can have Ahmad call him Mo Gotti in the intros if he’s going to make 25-point games with the occasional game winner part of his encore to the fire-laden pregame shows. Seriously, […]

Mailbag Time!!

Q: Right now, hand on heart, where do you see our Cavaliers finishing out the season? Please tell me I’m not alone in thinking we can make the playoffs? – “LeQuitness”, Ohio A: First off – I’m loving the alter ego you’re rocking right now, I’ve heard a lot of variations on his name and […]

Calling for Graham to start…as Cavs head to Indiana

Mercifully the weekend has ended for the Cavaliers, with their schedule now pointed towards two winnable games on a quest to get back to even before Thanksgiving.  At Indiana on Tuesday, and Milwaukee on Wednesday down at the Q in case you hadn’t heard.  With a dozen regular contests in the books, I imagine it would be […]

Better Effort Needed

We knew that there would be times and games like the ones we’ve just finished off. Our past five games have been, to say the very least, shambolic. It has been a shambles, without doubt. I’m going to be very open and honest here about how I feel because sugar-coating things just won’t do. I’m […]