On Starting Parker and Jamison or Christian and Tristan

The announcement was made on Media Day that Anthony Micheal Parker will be paid $2.25 million to play shooting guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers this season.  Antawn Jamison will make a tad over $15 million to play power forward.  AP is 36 years old, Antawn is 35, and regardless of how things play out this […]

Cleveland Cavaliers Media Day: Part One, Anderson Varejao Video

The 2011-12 NBA season has officially arrived.  After weeks of thinking maybe that would never happened, that’s how I felt walking around Cleveland Clinic Courts earlier today. There was a buzz of optimism in the air too, as the collection of new faces strolled into town alongside those old familiar ones, and it made me […]

Christian Eyenga Returns To Practice Having Grown Taller During Lockout

In response to criticisms last season that he was not tall enough to play Shooting Guard in the NBA, Christian Eyenga simply went ahead and grew two inches this summer.  He was a 6’5″ Shooting Guard with unlimited potential during the 2010-11 season, and now he will be playing that same position this year standing six feet and […]

Kyrie Irving inks deal with Cavs, lots of other things happen too

As I traveled out to Pittsburgh for some reason to watch the Browns play the Steelers last night, the Cavaliers and NBA Universe exploded with news.   Coach Mike Brown’s new team traded Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom for Chris Paul. Then they weren’t allowed to get him.  Then Dan Gilbert typed out an email […]

Some Thoughts On The Cleveland Cavaliers 2011-12 Schedule

The first ten games on the Cavaliers’ schedule are all winnable.  Especially the first seven.  I’m not trying to say that for effect, or totally drunk on Cavs Kool-Aid already either.  Sure, I do enjoy imbibing on the juices of optimism a little bit more than I should this time of year, but there is […]

What to expect? What to want?

As Cleveland fans we’re not strangers to fan conundrums.  Take our Browns for example.  It’s become our winter ritual to enter that awkward phase of the season when winning is losing and losing is winning. Half our city wants a loss, the others think it’s crazy, and so on and so forth.  This Cavs season […]

Cavs Players Filing Into Facility, Schedule To Be Announced Tonight

As soon as the doors were unlocked to the Cavaliers facility, second year big man Samardo Samuels was inside continuing to do everything he can to prepare for this season.   He’s been joined by fellow second year players Manny Harris and Luke Harangody so far, along with Ramon Sessions, Anderson Varejao, fourth pick of […]

Cavaliers Will Play Pistons Twice In Two Game Preseason Schedule

As a result of the Lockout, NBA teams will only play a couple of preseason games. Not the worst thing ever. Those two games the Cavaliers will play will be against the Detroit Pistons, as the team announced earlier today. One game at their place, and one game down at the Q. Across the League, the […]

Cavs Have Reportedly Tried To Engage Teams In Baron Davis Trade Talks

I’d have to imagine that just about anything and everybody is in play right about now as far as organizational moves are concerned across the NBA.  Chris Paul’s name is coming up in trade talks, Rudy Gay, Rajon Rondo, Monta Ellis, and even Brian Scalabrine.  Okay maybe not Brian Scalabrine’s. According to a report yesterday […]