Las Vegas Thinks Cavs Probably Won’t Win NBA Title This Season

Not that this is a surprising development, but Las Vegas has set the odds that the Cleveland Cavaliers win the NBA Championship at 150 to 1 this season according to   Which could mean that if you’re currently planning your $1,500 summer vacation right now, all you need is that Alexander Hamilton you had crumbled […]

Kyrie Irving Wants To Make Cleveland A Free Agent Destination

The last time the Cleveland Cavaliers drafted a player with the first overall pick that guy never really was all that vocal about encouraging NBA free agents to come join him here.  And no, I’m not talking about Brad Daugherty.  I’m not trying to drum up any negative feelings about any ex-Cavalier players either, I […]

A Cavaliers Season of Hope Is Upon Us

The Cleveland Cavaliers are going to play a regular season schedule of 66 games this year, starting just after Christmas.  If they win 29 of those games, to match the .451 winning percentage posted by the 8th seeded Indiana Pacers last season, they could make the playoffs.   Baron Davis might be amnesty clause’d.  If he […]

A conversation with World B. Free

SLAM Online reached back into the archives this morning to highlight an old conversation they had with Cavaliers legend World B. Free a few years back.  Below is some of that exchange, it’s pretty cool.SLAM: Why did you change your name to World B. Free? WBF: First of all, no one called me Lloyd from […]

Joe Tait Sweater Book Contest!

First off, Happy Thanksgiving all around.  I hope everyone has a really great holiday. I also hope that some of you are related to people cool enough to be celebrating this festive occasion while wearing the types of sweaters that Cleveland Cavaliers Hall of Fame Announcer Joe Tait made famous.  Or maybe even you’re fashion forward […]

Ryan Hollins Is Broadcasting UCLA Games Right Now For Fox Sports West

Ryan Hollins doesn’t have the opportunity to go beast mode and lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to victories over the Miami Heat right now, so he’s looking for other things to occupy his time.  As a result, he’s jumped into the broadcast booth for UCLA basketball games and is breaking down all of the action for […]

Cavs Baron Davis and Antawn Jamison To Play In The Obama Classic Game

When Barack Obama was aboard the USS Vinson for the Michigan State / North Carolina game about a week ago he said that the Lockout was killing him.  He added that billionaires and millionaires should be able to figure out how to divide up all that NBA money, and said something about the concession stand […]

Dan Coughlin Has A Great New Sports Book Out Too

I’ve decided that if there is no NBA season I am going to become a Cleveland sports book blogger.  I’m pretty excited about it too, and why shouldn’t I be?  With books like this new one by my man Dan Coughlin coming out, these next couple weeks are going to be pretty entertaining. I had […]

Anthony Parker Says No Deal For Cavs

No Deal.  That’s what Anthony Parker’s facial expression reads, isn’t it? That’s how the Cleveland Cavaliers Player Representative voted yesterday too, along with everybody else, and now the NBA season is in peril. The Union is decertifying, the “nuclear winter of the NBA is upon us”, and it all just kinda sucks pretty bad.   The […]