Upon Further Review…Week 1

Upon further review…here are a few thoughts looking back on week one of the new Cavaliers campaign: Andy. Wow.  13,15, 4 and shooting 64%. We all had fun with the fact we were passing off Antawn Jamison and Anthony Parker as “veteran leaders” last year. I couldn’t imagine a player embracing that role any better […]

Kyrie Irving is an elite actor, too

You can watch this again, it’s okay. I know you want to. Truth is, Kyrie Irving may act as well as he plays basketball. That’s what I thought this morning as I watched Uncle Drew’s second installment for the fifth time. MLyvkBifQ3w[/youtube] Somehwere, Robert De Niro just gave Leondardo DiCaprio a high five in response […]

Thoughts on Opening Night for the Cleveland Cavaliers

It might only be one game, but we can get excited, right? Now, I’m not saying the Cavaliers will make a playoff push (we won’t), I’m not saying Anderson Varejao will average 23 boards a game (he won’t), or that Kyrie Irving will put up 29 a game (ehh, maybe). But I do know this […]

Tristan Thompson Checks In With Stepien Rules After Opening Night Win

Tristan Thompson exploded late in the fourth quarter to finish off a 12-point, 10-rebound and 5-assist opening night performance against the Washington Wizards on Tuesday. He scored the majority of those points during a stretch that put the Cavaliers up for good in the final period. I caught up with the second-year big man who Byron […]

Cavaliers, Moneyball and Sabermetrics

As Moneyball has shown, sabermetrics and advanced statistics have become a big part in evaluating athletes, teams and matchups in all sports. So something new for this season is going to be a closer look at how those statistics are calculated, what exactly they mean, and just how our dear Cavs stack up against them. […]

Stepien Rules Car Magnets Now Available

James Harden won’t be signing with Cleveland afterall, but Stepien Rules Car Magnets are now available.  Courtesy of the great people over at, this can now be featured in a prominent location on your vehicle: Mentioned this last week on our Stepien Rules Facebook Page too, but keep an eye out for a chance […]

The OKC Model Rolls On…as James Harden’s dealt to Houston

How about a hearty welcome to the world of professional sports fandom for our friends in Oklahoma City. Junior’s sure going to look weird in “The Beard” costume on Wednesday night now. While most of us were watching college football, Sam Presti and Daryl Morey were busy putting the finishing touches on a game changing […]

Hopes for the new campaign

Young and inexpensive. The 2012-2013 Cleveland Cavaliers.  The two words certainly have a negative connotation to them, especially when you’re considering them as a part of a formula to win basketball games, but it’s not all black and white. Nothing is that simple in the modern day NBA when it comes to tearing down a […]

Tyler Zeller is ready to make an immediate impact

“It wasn’t really ever announced”, Tyler Zeller said, before making his first preseason start against the Indiana Pacers. “It was just something we kind of knew once Coach Scott put me with the first team at practice”.  As I stood there listening, while taking Instagram pics of Zeller directly in front of his face, it seemed […]

Who will be the Cleveland Cavaliers second leading scorer this season?

Byron Scott’s biggest concern for the 2012-13 Cleveland Cavaliers is defensive rebounding. I don’t necessarily disagree with the importance of rebounding on that end of the floor either. Securing the defensive rebound not only stops the other team from scoring, but it also gives your team the basketball. The two most fundamental elements for success […]

Cavs played bad in Philly, but of course its only preseason

Following along on Twitter last night I realized why the Cavaliers hadn’t put any of their preseason games on television yet. Or at least maybe why they hadn’t. The preseason Cavaliers product isn’t all that much to get excited about. Collectively, they looked real awful in Philadelphia. The impression that Cavs fans went away with after their first real […]