Cavs fans looking to head to South Beach will need to pay up

Cleveland fans heading to Miami for Christmas a couple of years ago would have been a cruel punch line to a bad joke. But with LeBron James returning home to the Cavaliers this off-season, the idea of a trip to South Beach to watch him show his talents on the road is far more appealing.

This has been deemed one of the marquee games of the NBA schedule and to no surprise at all, it comes with a fairly expensive ticket price tag. According to data from, the average ticket price for the Christmas Day matchup is $549 with a get-in price of $154. It is by far the most expensive ticket to any Heat game this season.

Clevelanders who want a little sunshine and warm weather for Christmas can find flights to Miami at starting at $457, round trip, on Christmas Eve and departing the day after Christmas. That’s almost $100 less expensive than what fans are paying, on average, to grab an actual ticket. Hotels near American Airlines Arena are also significantly cheaper than a seat to the Christmas Day game with rates beginning for as low as $92.

With ticket prices so high, it would be quite unfortunate for the fan base of the losing team. The Cavs have not instantly had success this year so it’s no given they’ll beat his former team. Much as when LeBron first arrived in Miami, they too had their struggles, to the delight of Cleveland fans at the time.

Likely, this matchup doesn’t have a lot of holiday cheer between these two teams. It will likely be a hostile environment for LeBron with many fans upset with his departure, rather than thankful for his victories of the past. Maybe not to the level Cleveland fans showed when the shoe was on the other foot a few years ago, but still not friendly territory. It should make for an electric atmosphere in the arena.

LeBron’s new cavalry, the likes of Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, will face off against his old colleagues, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, and ultimately it may be whoever plays the best of that group of four individuals will lead their team to victory. If the Cavs can win, it will leave a lot of happy Cleveland fans, especially those at the American Airlines Arena to witness the occasion.