Cavs push Christmas tickets to highest prices left for Heat in 2014

Once LeBron James declared his intentions to return to Cleveland, you can argue this Christmas Day matchup was unofficially set on the NBA schedule. James returns to Miami where he led the Heat to four straight NBA Finals and two NBA titles. Left alone, Wade and Bosh ended up staying in Miami and have been adjusting to life without LeBron. It has changed Bosh into a bigger piece of the puzzle for the Heat returning to the player he was leading the Raptors prior to coming to Miami. Bosh has averaged nearly 22 points and over eight rebounds per game this season. Both he and Wade – who leads the team with nearly 23 points and 5.5 assists, have had this Christmas Day meeting in Miami circled on their calendar, along with most NBA fans in general.

LeBron’s storybook return to Cleveland has miraculous turned the Cavs into instant contenders, but not Eastern Conference leaders. Not unlike the struggles when LeBron first arrived in Miami, it has taken time to see him jell with his new team. It might not be the same level of hostility as when LeBron returned to Cleveland as a member of the Heat but there will not be a lot of season greetings and well wishes coming LeBron’s way in Miami either.

This will be one the events in the NBA this season; likely the biggest game on the schedule for Miami this season as they meet up for the first time. This game will have the attention of everyone in the NBA. On a Christmas Day full of marquee matchups, this is for most the main attraction.

Given the marquee nature of this game it comes in with a fairly high price tag. The average ticket price for Miami Heat tickets for this game is $345 dollars. Cleveland Cavs fans looking for tickets and following LeBron back to Miami can get in the building for $91, according to This is among the biggest games left on the NBA schedule for the 2014 calendar year.

Miami fans will all be looking to attend this game for sure given the opposition and event status. It should be an interesting contest, with two franchises that will be forever tied in history because of LeBron James’ two big decisions. Miami has been able to celebrate two championships based on that. While Cleveland is still dreaming again for LeBron to be the guy that brings a championship to long suffering Cleveland sports fans. There is a lot of drama attached to this game and those soap opera sub plots only add to this stellar Christmas Day schedule.

The Cavs are 6-4 all-time in Christmas Day games, whereas the Miami Heat is 8-2.