Meeting with Pacers the top home game for Cavaliers in March

The Cleveland Cavaliers are prepared to storm into March completely living up to preseason expectations. Catching the first place Atlanta Hawks might not be realistic as this point, but the Cavs have transformed into a team that looks more than capable of overtaking the Central division and possibly locking up the #2 overall seed in the Eastern Conference.

Fans have been digging into their pockets to pay for Cavaliers tickets all year long, and while the Cavs started off a tad out of sync, it’s mostly been worth the price the entire time. Now Cleveland is hitting their stride and are poised to head into the playoffs as a legit title contender.

With NBA Finals on the brain, let’s take a look at the Cavaliers schedule, as we break down their cheapest and most expensive home games coming up, according to ticket information from

Most Expensive – (3/20/2015) VS. Indiana Pacers | Average Ticket Price: $390.10 | Get-In Ticket Price: $48

Pacers tickets see a major spike in this March 20th battle in Cleveland, and that has everything to do with the power of LeBron James and his soaring Cavaliers. Indiana isn’t the defensive monster they were a year ago, but this matchup could gain some major steam (not to mention value) if Paul George makes his return to the court. Indy has projected a March return should George actually make it back this year, and that could mean a George versus James showdown at Quicken Loans Arena. That’d be worth every penny, while a Cavs win would still be likely.

Cheapest – (3/3/2015) VS. Boston Celtics | Average Ticket Price: $176.66 | Get-In Ticket Price: $25

Cavaliers tickets drop down almost $80 from their season average ($251.86) when the Boston Celtics come into town on the third. It’s a sweet value buy to get March rolling and a locked in win for a Cleveland team that just looks unstoppable these days. Boston has some nice young talent to throw to the wolves in this one with Marcus Smart and Isaiah Thomas trying to keep up with Cleveland’s offense. Boston does have the offensive firepower to make this one interesting, but their defense is atrocious and Cleveland has picked things up on both ends. Fans could be in for a nice blowout win at a solid price.