Year after year we’ve seen NBA draft classes hyped up only to subsequently be declared “weak” in the months and weeks before the actual draft takes place.  This year, it’s different.  The 2014 class has been hyped up more than any draft in a decade, and the hype has not let up.  Because this class is legit and everyone knows it.

With the first pick, Cavs get anyone they want out of a strong group, with a consensus of 2 or 3 players at the very top of the draft, but with 7 players or more who would have been the top pick in last year’s draft.

Giving lots of credit to Kris Habbas from nbadraftinsider.com for his guest appearence on this one, and also for encouraging us to break out the PodCavs and cut a fresh track.  That link is to his mock draft, which you should check out, maybe even follow along while you listen to this podcast, if you aren’t driving or operating heavy machinery.  Talking basketball with Kris is always a pleasure and the guy has NBA prospect and draft insight for miles. Plus, his work covering the Phoenix Suns at the blog Bright Side Of The Sun gave us some room to ask questions about coaching prospects and restricted free agency.  Say, Alvin Gentry and Eric Bledsoe, anybody?

So join us as we pick apart Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid and Jabari Parker, the consensus top three guys, and attempt to resolve the argument between Alex and myself about our favorites Wiggins and Embiid… throwing chairs though windows musing about Marcus Smart’s muscles and Chris Grant trying to outsmart everyone, on a quest to determine…

who’s the pick, man?