What Sports Gear is Lebron James Play in his Career?

If you don’t know who Lebron James is, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Lebron Raymone James Sr. is a 33-year old American basketball player who has rocked the entire world with his outstanding skills and amazing strategies. He is regarded as the best basketball player of all time, and has scored contracts with numerous teams and companies.

Of course, how can we forget about his career in the NBA? He is perhaps the most recognized and most sought-after NBA basketball player, and as of July, 2018, he has joined the Los Angeles Lakers. Before that, he had signed up with the Cleveland Cavaliers, in which he proved to outshine the rest. Throughout the 15 years of his career, he has landed around 62 awards, including 3 NBA championships, 7 NBA’s Most Valuable Player, and even two Olympic Gold Medals.

But of course, Lebron isn’t just a player. He is also a trendsetter. Flashback to this year’s NBA Finals, where we dressed in Bermuda shorts and a formal suit. In the third game, he rolled out with a purple plus cyan shirt, tan jacket, and splotched sweatpants. James has a very unique and undeniable style that fits with everything he wears. He could literally come out wearing overalls with sports shoes and the entire internet could break.

In the 15 years that he has remained in the spotlight, he has given the media a few new looks. From designer jerseys to Nike shoes, literally everything about Lebron James is worth the money. Here’s a list of the wardrobe and sports gear that Lebron James has worn in the past. Lebron Nike has created some of the best basketball shoes for outdoor and indoor uses, by Sportten.com. Pick out your favorites!

Lebron James and his sports gear

Shirts and Jerseys

As a basketball player, the exact wardrobe isn’t just something you can find in stores or Walmart. Most of the costumes are custom made, and are harder to find in the market. However, Lebron, like many other players, has started selling replicas of his jersey to local stores and clothing outlets, and we’re all too happy about it.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Lebron joined the Cleveland Cavaliers at the very beginning of his career, somewhere in 2003. He stayed in the team for about 7 years, before becoming an unrestricted free agent in 2010. Soon enough, he rejoined the Cavaliers in 2014, before finally dropping the game and settling for Lakers in July 2018.

When he was in the Cavaliers, he wore a red and yellow jersey. The exact color was closer to reddish maroon or burgundy. The words “Cleveland 23” and “James 23” were embossed in gold on the front and back of the vest, respectively.  The jersey itself was made of 100% polyester, and was a simple sleeveless round-neck shirt. Sponsored and made by Adidas, we find that the Lebron’s Cleveland Cavalier’s jersey was one of the most outstanding and sensational outfits of all time.

Information From store.nba.com:

Item Name: Men’s Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James Adidas Burgundy Player Swingman Road Jersey

Product ID:  1852489

Manufacturer and Sponsor: Adidas

Miami Heat

Lebron James joined Miami Heat after leaving the Cavaliers in 2010 or 2011. He won a 27-winning-streak, the longest in basketball history. Against the Charlotte Bobcats, Lebron scored 61 points, which is the highest score he has achieved. He left the Heat on June 25, 2014, after which he rejoined the Cavaliers.

His costume in Miami Heat shifted between red, black, and white. Mostly, his jersey was a darker shade of red, with the words “Miami 6” and “James 6” botched on the front and back respectively in Chinese white. The jersey had a V-neck with no sleeves, and was made and sponsored by Adidas.

The white variety has the words “Heat 6” and “James 6” written on either side, with the primary colors being white and maroon. The black variant has “Miami 6” written on the front with white and outlined with maroon. All the jerseys are made of 100% polyester.

Information from lids.com:

Item Name: Miami Heat LeBron James NBA Youth Rev 30 Replica Jersey

Product ID: 20226782

Manufacturer and Sponsor: Adidas

Los Angeles Lakers

In around July of 2018, Lebron left the Cavaliers one last time to join the Lakers. His career here has just started, but his Lakers jersey has already spread through the markets like wildfire.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ jersey not only comes in different colors but also in different styles. The first and most common style says “Lakers 23” at the front and “James 23” at the back. It is available in gold and blue, blue and gold, and white and blue with golden outlines. This style is round neck and sleeveless. The second style has the Lakers logo embossed at the front, with James’s name and number (23) written at the back. This one usually comes in short or long sleeves variants, in colors black and blue.

Information from store.nba.com:

#1. Item Name: Men’s Lakers LeBron James Nike Gold 2018/19 Swingman Jersey – Icon Edition

Product ID: 3212792

Manufacturer and Sponsor: Nike

#2. Item Name: Men’s Lakers LeBron James Fanatics Branded Purple Backer T-Shirt

Product ID: 3212114

Manufacturer and Sponsor: Fanatics Branded


It is no doubt that Lebron James, the best basketball player in NBA history, has the most spectacular sense of fashion, especially when it comes to shoes. Throughout the decade and a half of his career, Lebron has left us with a number of sensational shoe designs that continue to empty our pockets. We just can’t put them down enough.

Over the course of many years, Nike and Lebron partnered and created a new shoe brand, called Nike Lebron. The brand has produced over 100 different styles in various different sizes, and we would love to see how far the two can go. Nike has certainly outdone itself. Even Lebron himself has been seen wearing these shoes in his games, most notably in the NBA finals and in his Olympics Career.

He has released a number of brands and categories, including Equality, Lebron 1 to 15, Nike Soldier, and Ambassadors. His newest release, the Nike Lebron 15, comes in 40 different styles! The choices are endless. Numerous critics and reviewers have rated these as some of the best basketball shoes in the history of sports products, but many users found one or more types of discomfort in the shoes.

So without further ado, here are the top shoes that Lebron has been seen wearing in his career.

Lebron 15s

The Lebron 15s feature endless traction, better grip, and a unique “scaled” design that will have you soaring with the birds.

Information From nikelebron.net:

#1. Name: Nike Lebron 15 “Ghost”

Color: String/Sail-Vachetta Tan

Style: 897648-200

#2. Name: Nike Lebron 15 “Ashes”

Color: Black/White-White

Style: 897648-002

#3. Name: Nike Lebron 15

Color: Taupe Grey/Team Red-Black

Style: 897649-201

#4. Name: Nike Lebron 15 “Pride of Ohio”

Color: Black/Black-Taupe Grey

Style: 897648-003

#5. Name: Nike Lebron 15 “New Heights”

Color: Dark Atomic Teal/Black-Team Red

Style: 897648-300

#6. Name: Nike Lebron 15 “The Land”

Color: Wolf Grey/Metallic Gold-Cool Grey

Style: 897648-005

#7. Name: Nike Lebron 15 Kith “Concrete”

Color: Sail/String-White-Black

Style: AO1068-100

#8. Name: Nike Lebron 15 Kith “Rose Gold”

Color: Multi-color/Multi-color

Style: AJ3936-900

#9. Name: Nike Lebron 15 Kith “Stained Glass”

Color: Multi-color/Multi-color

Style: AO1068-900

#10. Name: Nike Lebron 15 “Black History Month”

Color: Multi-Color/Multi-Color

Style: AA3857-900

Lebron Soldier 12s

Lebron’s Soldier brand has had 12 runs, with the Soldier 12 being the most recent. Soldier 12 has around 10 different designs and favorable colors.

#1. Name: Nike Lebron Soldier 12 SFG

Color: Black/Black-Hazel Rush

Style: AO4054-001

#2. Name: Nike Lebron Soldier 12 SFG

Color: Anthracite/Anthracite-Black

Style: AO4054-002

#3. Name: Nike Lebron Soldier 12 “SVSM”

Color: White/Multi-color

Style: AO2609-100

#4. Name: Nike Lebron Soldier 12

Color: White

Style: AO4055-100

#5. Name: Nike Lebron Soldier 12

Color: Black/University Red-White

Style: AO2609-001

#6. Name: Nike Lebron Soldier 12

Color: Light Bone/Light Bone

Style: AO2609-002

#7. Nike Lebron Soldier 12 “Agimat”

Color: Obsidian/Metallic Gold

Style: AO4054-500

#8. Name: Nike Lebron Soldier 12 “Provence”

Color: White/Provence Purple-Beach

Style: AO2609-101

#9. Name: Nike Lebron Soldier 12 “Cavs”

Color: Team Red/Gum

Style: AO4055-600

#10. Name: Nike Lebron Soldier 12

Color: Blackened Blue/Work Blue-Gym Blue

Style: AO2609-401

“I Promise” Bracelet

Shoes and shirts aren’t everything that Lebron James can rock. Say hello to the “I Promise” band series. These bands came around somewhere after November 2016. They were created as a promotional product for funding his “I Promise School”. The school was personally established by Lebron James in an attempt to help struggling elementary kids work their way through school. He even raised funds to provide scholarships to multiple students.

Today, the I Promise bands reflect one of Lebron’s biggest achievements: a better schooling environment. The bands are available directly from his website (lebronjames.com). They are available in a hundred different colors and designs, including golden, maroon, black, blue, and printed designs. Even ones with the words “I Promise” written in some other language are available too!

Information From lebronjames.com:

Name: Homecourt I Promise Band

Color: Golden with red words

Sizes Available: Small, Large


Lebron James isn’t just the name of a fancy basketball player. It’s the name of a man who, by small and large, has won over the hearts of over a billion citizens. The apparel he wears is extraordinary and sensational, and only promises one thing: great quality with an even greater cause. He only wears the best basketball shoes and shirts, and you should too.

So go out to your local retail stores and buy your very own jersey or Lebron 15s now! Trust us, you’ll be missing out.

This article was written by Peter S. Harper, a former basketball player.