Adidas Harden Vol 3 Review

James Harden is an NBA basketball star who was drafted in the first round of the 2009 draft. He has played for the Oklahoma City Thunder and plays for the Houston Rockets.

He has been an NBA All-Star seven times, and in 2018 was the NBA’s Most Valuable Player. In 2015, he signed a $200 million shoe contract with Adidas over 13 years and is dedicated to releasing shoes that represent his style and functionality on and off the court.

Adidas Harden Vol 3 Overview


The cushion of this shoe comes from the full-length Boost in the shoe’s midsole. This foam technology makes the Adidas Harden Vol 3 very responsive to its wearers. It also provides more cushion than its predecessor, the Vol 2. The heels is bouncier thanks to the added cushion which protects the foot during landing after repetitive jumps.


Rubber outsole on the Adidas Harden Vol 3 provides grippy traction. Because of this, the shoe is recommended to be worn indoors. The rubber outsole features a herringbone pattern which provides adequate grip which allows the player to change directions smoothly and have quick cuts on the court. This is a big plus for players looking for speed and enhanced traction on the court.


The Harden Vol 3 is a more narrow shoe and has a tight fit. The material stretches, however, which means after they are broken in it forms to the players foot.


The Harden Vol 3 uses a traditional lacing system but stands out from the rest by also having a stretchable band on the forefoot. This makes the shoe have a more secure hold on the player’s foot while still being comfortable and even which means there is less pinching and discomfort.

Flyknit Fabric

The Harden Vol 3 is made of Flyknit fabric. This fabric is both comfortable and flexible while still allowing for great breathability. This means the foot stays secure but isn’t likely to get overheated too easily.

Low Top Design

The Harden Vol 3 is a low top shoe which is Harden’s unique favorite style.

Adidas Harden Vol 3 Review

Color Option

The colorways of the Harden Vol 3 include: Drew League which is inspired by the Los Angeles Drew League; Coral which sports bold coral colors; Cosmos which represents defenders lost in space with cloud white and gray details; Voyager represents the drive to win another title for the Houston Rockets; Wanted which sports a wanted poster from the Wild Wild West on the lateral side, with the words “the QUICKEST STEPBACK” on the medial side; besides two other basic colorways.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Superior Grip Thanks to Traction Pattern and Rubber Outsole

Many players love the solid rubber outsole of this Adidas Harden Vol 3. Players love the solid rubber outsole for its durability, and its traction on the court. Once it is broken in, it provides a great stickiness on the court.

This Harden Vol 3 sports a unique Herringbone traction pattern that provides for great grip on the court while also allowing for quick movements. The thick outsole also goes up the sides of the shoe to provide traction on quick cuts that also protect the players’ ankles. Traction on the sides of the shoe prevents the slipping that happens in other shoes that can lead to the very common rolled ankles that are seen all too often in basketball.

Boost Midsole Provides Good Support and Cushion

Many wearers love the thickness of the Boost midsole of this Harden Vol 3. The Boost midsole provides great support and cushion while not being too heavy or restricting movement too much. This is great for cushioning the foot on impact when players are coming down from those jump shots or from a block.

Lightweight and Breathable Design

Wearers love how light-weight these Harden Vol 3s are. The design allows for all the needed support, traction, and cushion without the added weight that holds players down. The breathable design ensures that the player’s foot never gets too hot or feels like it is trapped in a confined hot box. Instead the light-weight, breathable design is perfect to keep players cool and energized up and down the court.

Good Lacing Design

The lacing system on these Harden Vol 3s provide the players with great support. It is a standard lace up technology in the low top shoe, with an elastic strap that covers the lacing. This strap provides added support and comfort while spreading out the pressure to ensure that no part of the foot is pinched or compressed for too long.

Decent Ankle Support Despite Low Top Design

Many reviewers found that these low top shoes still provided decent ankle support. The extra Boost support within the midsole provided their feet with enough cushion to also give the ankle good support even though it was not a high top shoe.

Breaks Down Fast in Outdoor Court

One of the major cons of this shoe is that it is not designed for outdoor use. The soft rubber outsole provides a great grip, but it is too soft to stand up to the harsh concrete and debris of outdoor courts. It can be used outside, but it will just break down much faster than if it is reserved for only indoor use.

Elastic Band Does Not Provide Enough Security

Some users complained that the elastic band does not help with the lockdown of the laces. It is more for an aesthetic look rather than true functionality of providing more security with the laces and support for the player.

Takes Awhile to Break In

Some players experience a longer break-in period required to get rid of the pesky heal slip. This is a problem with a lower top shoe design as it is easier for the heel to constantly slip. This can lead to blisters or other irritation of the heel if the break-in time takes too long.

Outsole Loses Traction When Used Outdoor

Another problem many users had was that the outsole picks up too much dust. This is a problem when they used the shoe both on inside courts and outdoor courts because of the rubber outsole. This can lead to a severe loss of traction which could lead to slipping and injury.


  • Excellent grip and traction
  • Great support
  • Lightweight


  • Not ideal for outdoor use
  • Can take time to break in

The Good

  • Great grip and traction due to unique traction pattern and solid rubber outsole.
  • Thick Boost midsole provides great support and cushion while still allowing quick cuts and fast changes in direction.
  • Amazing breathability.
  • Lightweight design boosts performance and comfort.
  • The lacing system provides great support.
  • Decent ankle support despite low top design.
  • Midsole provides enough cushioning.

Things to Consider

  • Not designed for outdoor use. Premature wear when used outdoors. When used outside the dust sticking to outsole can make these shoes lose a lot of grip.
  • Elastic band is more aesthetically pleasing than functional.
  • Longer break-in period required to get rid of the heal slip.