Top 10 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Beginners

No. 10 – Nike Visi Pro IIINike Visi Pro III

Nike is a brand that always releases exclusive shoes for basketball players and Nike Visi Pro III which is also best release for basketball players. Although most of the shoes from Nike are expensive but comparatively with quality they can marge with each other. Nike Visi Pro III is very comfortable and has soft cushion which perfectly make game more enjoying. Nike always releases shoes at lower and higher. Thus they make shoes for all classes. But everything they made for players. However, Nike Visi Pro III is relaxed, fit nice, and best for feet.

No. 9 – Nike Overplay VIINike Overplay VII

Nike Overplay VII is another nice model which released by Nike. It is the best choice for beginners and it is comparatively cheap. Some retail stores give at good rate discount offer. It is great for jogging and for everyday use of everyday. It is made with leather-synthetic and rubber sole. It is good for practice at outdoor and indoor.

No. 8 – Nike Air Max Posterize SLNike Air Max Posterize SL

As men’s shoes for game, Nike Air Max Posterize SL is faultless choice. It is good jumping and running. It seems that those shoes are made for gamers only. It is little expensive than Nike Overplay VII. It comes with some nice colors. You list it as super cool shoes. It is comfortable and ready for any game.

No. 7 – Adidas Crazy FastAdidas Crazy Fast

Adidas Crazy Fast which is fitted for feet and well designed for gamers. It is also colorful like Nike Air Max Posterize SL but expensive. You can ignore price tag for its quality and performance in the playground. Any game player feels comfortable when they start gaming or jumping. This is model shoes are designed for men’s only. You can check local or online store for getting them at discount price. .Those shoes are available with signature and without signature. That’s your decision what you will like most. Choice the pair of shoes that you feel good and relaxed.

No. 6 – Adidas Crazy Shadow 2Adidas Crazy Shadow 2

Adidas Crazy Shadow 2 is the shoes that are specially designed for men for basketball game. It is available in different colors and a nice looking design. Now Crazy Fast and Adidas Crazy Shadow 2are the best selection for basketball game. Both shoes are perfect for the game. At shoes store both have taken a good place and basketball players like to use them. Both suits well enough for feet of basketball players. It is good that both are cheap and quality is enough good comparatively any other sneakers. You can easily buy two pair of shoes for the price of single pair of sneaker. It proves that price is not the best measurement to check quality. You can get good products at low cost.

No. 5 – Nike Zoom HyperquicknessNike Zoom Hyperquickness

As a recent releases basketball shoes The Nike Zoom Hyperquickness is also taken a good place in mind of basketball players. It is now considered that it is one of the best creations of Nike’s for basketball players. It is light, durable and width enough which are perfect for men who played basketball. It is available at $110. It is perfect for jumping and running.

No. 4 – Jordan Aero ManiaJordan Aero Mania

Although Jordan Aero Mania is counted as an expensive shoes for basketball player but it good for them too. It is stylish, comfortable, light weight and width enough. Jordan Brand launched these shoes for players. It is durable and forefoot cushion like Hyperquickness offers.

No. 3 – Under Armour Micro G TorchUnder Armour Micro G Torch

Under Armour Micro G Torch is a product of Underarmour Company which makes dresses for gamers. They also make comfortable, light-weight shoes for basketball player and Under Armour Micro G Torch is their best release. Some of us always think about top brad company like Nike, Adidas and Jordan Brand. If we move our neck around then we must find some new companies who are making game shoes those are easily comparable with top brand shoes. Those shoes are flexible, comfortable also comparatively cheap than those expensive companies. If you look those shoes deeply, you must not find any lacking. Wearing those shoes you can go for playing game without any hesitation. Play game and enjoy.

No. 2 – Adidas Rose 773 IIAdidas Rose 773 II

Let’s back to the top brand Adidas if you want signature shoes then you can think about Adidas Rose 773 II. The shoes are light, soft and well designed. It is perfectly designed for gaming. Wearing this you can easily practice indoor and outdoor. This is available at $110 but you can get them at lower price from discount shop. But price is ignorable for the performance. This 773 II model is latest designed of 773 line. You can start you gaming career life with it. I am sure nothing will go bad with it.

No. 1 – Anything On Amazon

Now a day, people have chosen online as most attractive shopping place. As a top online market place name of the Amazon comes first. You can easily buy top category shoes from online market place. You can buy shoes from there at discount price. You can just find your favorite model, brand, color then order. There are many brands and latest model shoes are available. You will find there many options and you can pay them at different ways. They give return guaranty if you do not make scratch and do not damage of the product.

Is Basketball an Indoor or Outdoor Game?

Basketball is an internationally popular sport that started in the US in the late 1800s. While it was developed as an indoor game, it can be played both indoors and outdoors. Where you choose to play is mainly determined by personal preferences but there are advantages and disadvantages to both indoor and outdoor games as well as factors to consider.

A Brief History of Basketball

A truly American invention, basketball was created by James Naismith in Massachusetts in the late 1800s. He came up with the concept and taught it to his physical education students at the International Training School of the Young Men’s Christian Association (later called Springfield College) where he taught.

The idea came to him as he was trying to find a sport that had little to no physical contact and called for running, jumping, and hand-eye coordination while the name came from the fact that he hung peach baskets as the goals for the game. The students loved the game so much that they shared it with friends and soon people began to contact Naismith for copies of the rules and the game grew in popularity in the US as well as Canada. It only took a few short years for basketball to spread to Europe, Asia, and Australia. Over time, the rules were fine-tuned, a dedicated basketball was created, and professional leagues began to form.

High school leagues were formed and ruled by the National Federation of State High School Associations while collegiate basketball teams were overseen by the NCAA Rules Committee. The National Basketball League (NBL) was the first professional basketball league in the US where players were paid for each game they played. However, the lack of organization was a problem. To remedy these issues the NBL and the Basketball Association of America joined forces to form the National Basketball Association (NBA). The WNBA was formed a few decades later as the sport became popular with female athletes. Outside of professional leagues, plenty of people enjoy playing basketball in gymnasiums and on playgrounds across the globe.

Is Basketball an Indoor or Outdoor Game

Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Games

While the sport was developed as an indoor game, it can be played outside as well. This is mainly a personal preference or a decision based on local availability. For example, indoor gymnasiums aren’t always available to players as some require a paid membership to use and school courts require you to be a student. In these cases, recreational basketball players may choose to play on outdoor courts in local playgrounds. These outdoor courts are free to use and are open from dawn until dusk in most places.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages to indoor and outdoor games that can lead to players preferring one over the other. For example, indoor basketball has the advantage of a controlled atmosphere. There are no natural elements like wind or rain impacting the game. Without wind, your shots will never be altered by anything other than your performance.

Similarly, you won’t have to worry about dirt and moisture affecting the ball during a game. Accumulated dirt and absorbed moisture can change the grip and bounce of a basketball making it harder to handle properly while playing outdoors. By playing basketball inside, these issues can be limited. You can also play the game all year-round indoors instead of only playing when the weather cooperates with your plans.

Indoor courts also have the advantage of being made of a more forgiving material. These courts tend to be made of hardwood or synthetic materials made to resemble hardwood. There are even some indoor courts made of interlocking plastic tiles. Either way, these materials are much softer and gentler on the body than outdoor basketball courts that are usually made of asphalt or concrete. If you have knee problems or simply want to put less stress on your body, indoor basketball is the better option. You need the best indoor basketballs reviewed by even you have a month court rental.

Another benefit of playing basketball indoors is that you’ll never have to worry about chasing your ball into the street or dealing with outside distractions like car horns honking or emergency sirens wailing. You’ll, instead, be playing in an enclosed area insulated from the outside world and everything that comes with it.Is Basketball an Indoor or Outdoor Game


All that being said, outdoor courts have their own benefits. First, these courts are more convenient and easier to find. Most neighborhood playgrounds have a full-size basketball court that can be used by anyone looking to play as long as the park is open. You don’t need a membership or special permission to play; all you need is a ball, your sneakers, and at least one other person to play against.

If you’re concerned about playing on asphalt or concrete due to knee problems or similar physical conditions, you can look for outdoor courts equipped with rubber or synthetic interlocking tiles. These are softer than the typical asphalt or concrete and are gentler on your body while running and jumping.

Another perk of playing basketball outdoors is that you get fresh air instead of being cooped up in a stuffy gymnasium. You won’t have to worry about a lack of air conditioning or similar cooling system when you’re outside feeling the breeze against your skin as the sun shines down on you.

In the end, whether or not basketball is an indoor or outdoor game is more about your personal preferences than on a mandated playing rule. You may only want to play indoors or you can choose to play both inside and outside depending on your mood and individual circumstances at the time. As long as you’re enjoying yourself it shouldn’t matter where you’re playing.

What Sports Gear is Lebron James Play in his Career?

If you don’t know who Lebron James is, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Lebron Raymone James Sr. is a 33-year old American basketball player who has rocked the entire world with his outstanding skills and amazing strategies. He is regarded as the best basketball player of all time, and has scored contracts with numerous teams and companies.

Of course, how can we forget about his career in the NBA? He is perhaps the most recognized and most sought-after NBA basketball player, and as of July, 2018, he has joined the Los Angeles Lakers. Before that, he had signed up with the Cleveland Cavaliers, in which he proved to outshine the rest. Throughout the 15 years of his career, he has landed around 62 awards, including 3 NBA championships, 7 NBA’s Most Valuable Player, and even two Olympic Gold Medals.

But of course, Lebron isn’t just a player. He is also a trendsetter. Flashback to this year’s NBA Finals, where we dressed in Bermuda shorts and a formal suit. In the third game, he rolled out with a purple plus cyan shirt, tan jacket, and splotched sweatpants. James has a very unique and undeniable style that fits with everything he wears. He could literally come out wearing overalls with sports shoes and the entire internet could break.

In the 15 years that he has remained in the spotlight, he has given the media a few new looks. From designer jerseys to Nike shoes, literally everything about Lebron James is worth the money. Here’s a list of the wardrobe and sports gear that Lebron James has worn in the past. Lebron Nike has created some of the best basketball shoes for outdoor and indoor uses, by Pick out your favorites!

Lebron James and his sports gear

Shirts and Jerseys

As a basketball player, the exact wardrobe isn’t just something you can find in stores or Walmart. Most of the costumes are custom made, and are harder to find in the market. However, Lebron, like many other players, has started selling replicas of his jersey to local stores and clothing outlets, and we’re all too happy about it.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Lebron joined the Cleveland Cavaliers at the very beginning of his career, somewhere in 2003. He stayed in the team for about 7 years, before becoming an unrestricted free agent in 2010. Soon enough, he rejoined the Cavaliers in 2014, before finally dropping the game and settling for Lakers in July 2018.

When he was in the Cavaliers, he wore a red and yellow jersey. The exact color was closer to reddish maroon or burgundy. The words “Cleveland 23” and “James 23” were embossed in gold on the front and back of the vest, respectively.  The jersey itself was made of 100% polyester, and was a simple sleeveless round-neck shirt. Sponsored and made by Adidas, we find that the Lebron’s Cleveland Cavalier’s jersey was one of the most outstanding and sensational outfits of all time.

Information From

Item Name: Men’s Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James Adidas Burgundy Player Swingman Road Jersey

Product ID:  1852489

Manufacturer and Sponsor: Adidas

Miami Heat

Lebron James joined Miami Heat after leaving the Cavaliers in 2010 or 2011. He won a 27-winning-streak, the longest in basketball history. Against the Charlotte Bobcats, Lebron scored 61 points, which is the highest score he has achieved. He left the Heat on June 25, 2014, after which he rejoined the Cavaliers.

His costume in Miami Heat shifted between red, black, and white. Mostly, his jersey was a darker shade of red, with the words “Miami 6” and “James 6” botched on the front and back respectively in Chinese white. The jersey had a V-neck with no sleeves, and was made and sponsored by Adidas.

The white variety has the words “Heat 6” and “James 6” written on either side, with the primary colors being white and maroon. The black variant has “Miami 6” written on the front with white and outlined with maroon. All the jerseys are made of 100% polyester.

Information from

Item Name: Miami Heat LeBron James NBA Youth Rev 30 Replica Jersey

Product ID: 20226782

Manufacturer and Sponsor: Adidas

Los Angeles Lakers

In around July of 2018, Lebron left the Cavaliers one last time to join the Lakers. His career here has just started, but his Lakers jersey has already spread through the markets like wildfire.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ jersey not only comes in different colors but also in different styles. The first and most common style says “Lakers 23” at the front and “James 23” at the back. It is available in gold and blue, blue and gold, and white and blue with golden outlines. This style is round neck and sleeveless. The second style has the Lakers logo embossed at the front, with James’s name and number (23) written at the back. This one usually comes in short or long sleeves variants, in colors black and blue.

Information from

#1. Item Name: Men’s Lakers LeBron James Nike Gold 2018/19 Swingman Jersey – Icon Edition

Product ID: 3212792

Manufacturer and Sponsor: Nike

#2. Item Name: Men’s Lakers LeBron James Fanatics Branded Purple Backer T-Shirt

Product ID: 3212114

Manufacturer and Sponsor: Fanatics Branded


It is no doubt that Lebron James, the best basketball player in NBA history, has the most spectacular sense of fashion, especially when it comes to shoes. Throughout the decade and a half of his career, Lebron has left us with a number of sensational shoe designs that continue to empty our pockets. We just can’t put them down enough.

Over the course of many years, Nike and Lebron partnered and created a new shoe brand, called Nike Lebron. The brand has produced over 100 different styles in various different sizes, and we would love to see how far the two can go. Nike has certainly outdone itself. Even Lebron himself has been seen wearing these shoes in his games, most notably in the NBA finals and in his Olympics Career.

He has released a number of brands and categories, including Equality, Lebron 1 to 15, Nike Soldier, and Ambassadors. His newest release, the Nike Lebron 15, comes in 40 different styles! The choices are endless. Numerous critics and reviewers have rated these as some of the best basketball shoes in the history of sports products, but many users found one or more types of discomfort in the shoes.

So without further ado, here are the top shoes that Lebron has been seen wearing in his career.

Lebron 15s

The Lebron 15s feature endless traction, better grip, and a unique “scaled” design that will have you soaring with the birds.

Information From

#1. Name: Nike Lebron 15 “Ghost”

Color: String/Sail-Vachetta Tan

Style: 897648-200

#2. Name: Nike Lebron 15 “Ashes”

Color: Black/White-White

Style: 897648-002

#3. Name: Nike Lebron 15

Color: Taupe Grey/Team Red-Black

Style: 897649-201

#4. Name: Nike Lebron 15 “Pride of Ohio”

Color: Black/Black-Taupe Grey

Style: 897648-003

#5. Name: Nike Lebron 15 “New Heights”

Color: Dark Atomic Teal/Black-Team Red

Style: 897648-300

#6. Name: Nike Lebron 15 “The Land”

Color: Wolf Grey/Metallic Gold-Cool Grey

Style: 897648-005

#7. Name: Nike Lebron 15 Kith “Concrete”

Color: Sail/String-White-Black

Style: AO1068-100

#8. Name: Nike Lebron 15 Kith “Rose Gold”

Color: Multi-color/Multi-color

Style: AJ3936-900

#9. Name: Nike Lebron 15 Kith “Stained Glass”

Color: Multi-color/Multi-color

Style: AO1068-900

#10. Name: Nike Lebron 15 “Black History Month”

Color: Multi-Color/Multi-Color

Style: AA3857-900

Lebron Soldier 12s

Lebron’s Soldier brand has had 12 runs, with the Soldier 12 being the most recent. Soldier 12 has around 10 different designs and favorable colors.

#1. Name: Nike Lebron Soldier 12 SFG

Color: Black/Black-Hazel Rush

Style: AO4054-001

#2. Name: Nike Lebron Soldier 12 SFG

Color: Anthracite/Anthracite-Black

Style: AO4054-002

#3. Name: Nike Lebron Soldier 12 “SVSM”

Color: White/Multi-color

Style: AO2609-100

#4. Name: Nike Lebron Soldier 12

Color: White

Style: AO4055-100

#5. Name: Nike Lebron Soldier 12

Color: Black/University Red-White

Style: AO2609-001

#6. Name: Nike Lebron Soldier 12

Color: Light Bone/Light Bone

Style: AO2609-002

#7. Nike Lebron Soldier 12 “Agimat”

Color: Obsidian/Metallic Gold

Style: AO4054-500

#8. Name: Nike Lebron Soldier 12 “Provence”

Color: White/Provence Purple-Beach

Style: AO2609-101

#9. Name: Nike Lebron Soldier 12 “Cavs”

Color: Team Red/Gum

Style: AO4055-600

#10. Name: Nike Lebron Soldier 12

Color: Blackened Blue/Work Blue-Gym Blue

Style: AO2609-401

“I Promise” Bracelet

Shoes and shirts aren’t everything that Lebron James can rock. Say hello to the “I Promise” band series. These bands came around somewhere after November 2016. They were created as a promotional product for funding his “I Promise School”. The school was personally established by Lebron James in an attempt to help struggling elementary kids work their way through school. He even raised funds to provide scholarships to multiple students.

Today, the I Promise bands reflect one of Lebron’s biggest achievements: a better schooling environment. The bands are available directly from his website ( They are available in a hundred different colors and designs, including golden, maroon, black, blue, and printed designs. Even ones with the words “I Promise” written in some other language are available too!

Information From

Name: Homecourt I Promise Band

Color: Golden with red words

Sizes Available: Small, Large


Lebron James isn’t just the name of a fancy basketball player. It’s the name of a man who, by small and large, has won over the hearts of over a billion citizens. The apparel he wears is extraordinary and sensational, and only promises one thing: great quality with an even greater cause. He only wears the best basketball shoes and shirts, and you should too.

So go out to your local retail stores and buy your very own jersey or Lebron 15s now! Trust us, you’ll be missing out.

This article was written by Peter S. Harper, a former basketball player.

NBA Finals Ticket Prices Up for Warriors, Down for Cavaliers

Leading up to the NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers have breezed their way through the playoffs, sweeping their opponents in the first and second rounds, and beating the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference Finals in six games. In the West, the Golden State Warriors, who were down three games to one to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Finals staged a comeback of epic proportions to take the series from OKC in seven games, clawing their way back from a double-digit deficient in games six and seven. The result? A rematch of the 2015 NBA Finals featuring some of the league’s best talent.

Taking a look at sales data from the TicketNetwork Online Exchange, average ticket prices for the series overall are very similar to last year, with fans paying an average of $1,071 per ticket in 2015 to see the two teams faceoff, while in 2016 fans are paying an average price of $1,161 to see the teams compete, a difference of only $90.

With that said, ticket prices for games at Quicken Loans Arena, home to the Cavaliers, are down compared to tickets for last year’s NBA Finals, while the average ticket price for games at the Warriors home court, Oracle Arena, are up. In 2015, Cavs fans paid an average price of $1,063 per ticket to see the two teams play in Cleveland, but in 2016, that average ticket price has dropped under the four-figure threshold to an average price of just $880.

Surprisingly, fans in the Bay Area are paying $1,600 per ticket, on average, to see Steph Curry and the rest of the Warriors take on LeBron and the Cavs at Oracle Arena. That’s over $500 more per ticket than last year’s NBA Finals, when the average ticket price at Oracle Arena was $1,087.



There is also a vast difference in ticket prices when you compare a game-by-game break down between the 2015 and 2016 Finals. Both years, Golden State has had home court advantage with games one, two, five, and seven taking place in Oakland. While ticket prices remain relatively similar year over year for games one, two, three, and four, there was a stark difference for games five, six, and seven. Ticket prices for games five (Oracle Arena) and game six (Quicken Loans Arena) more than doubled in 2016, and in the case of game six, the average price of tickets almost tripled.



While the average price of tickets for the 2016 NBA Finals are falling in Cleveland in 2016, the demand is still there as fans are hoping James, Irving, and Love are able to bring a championship to a city that hasn’t won a sports title since the Browns won the NFL Championship Game in 1964. The increase of ticket prices in Oakland can surely be attributed to the Warriors chance of winning the NBA Finals after finishing the regular season with the best-ever regular season record in the NBA. Regardless of how much fans paid to attend a game during the 2016 Finals, they are sure to be in for a treat.

To purchase tickets for the 2016 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warrior and the Cleveland Cavaliers, or for all other upcoming sporting events, visit

LeBron, Kyrie, Love Ready For Second Season Together, Seek Championship In Their Encore

Not every NBA team is fortunate to possess the talent the Cleveland Cavaliers have at their disposal. Of course, they are led by their big three comprised of the best basketball player in the world LeBron James, as well as two other legitimate stars in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. Along with other key contributors like Tristan Thompson and Matthew Dellavedova, the Cavs fought their way through a weak Eastern Conference to the NBA Finals last season, only to be upended by the Golden State Warriors in six games. But with their offseason activity, resigning Love, Iman Shumpert, and adding Mo Williams and Richard Jefferson to the mix, there’s no reason why the Cavaliers can’t make another run at the Larry O’Brien trophy in the upcoming season.

With another stacked roster and championship aspirations, it’s no surprise to see that Cavaliers tickets are already averaging $303.79 on the secondary market, even with the season still months away. Clearly, Cleveland fans are excited about potentially nabbing that long-awaited championship that has eluded them for decades, and for fans of opposing teams, the Cavaliers are easily one of the teams they want to see square off with their favorite team. Out-of-town fans who want to take part in the team’s potential success this year can utilize as their one-stop source for cheap Cleveland flightsthroughout the season. Furthermore, Hipmunk sports plenty of affordable Cleveland hotel listings around the Quicken Loans Arena, with rooms starting from $79.

Before their schedule eases up in competition for the month of November, LeBron and Co. will begin the season against two playoff teams and a potential third in the Chicago Bulls, Memphis Grizzlies and the Miami Heat, respectively. It will be a nice test for the club right out of the gate, especially taking on Chicago in the opener after their grueling playoff series a season ago.

Due to recent history, all eyes will be fixated on holiday action, when the Cavs visit the Warriors on Christmas Day. This will be the first meeting between the two teams since their thrilling Finals matchup. Cleveland’s affair on December 5 will also be intriguing, as Kings James will be back in Miami to take on some of his old friends in Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, a place he knows all too well. After all, he did win two NBA titles while with the Heat.

Another hyped matchup on the docket for the Cavaliers this season will be on February 10, when they host the Los Angeles Lakers and superstar Kobe Bryant, potentially for the very last time. As just about all fans are aware of, this very well could be Bryant’s final NBA season. It will have a bit of a different flavor from the usual LeBron vs. Kobe contest, as the Lakers are mired in a rebuilding project after losing the most games last year in franchise history.

Of course, the Cavs are on the other end of the spectrum. James is in pursuit of his third championship, not to mention the fact that the state of Cleveland is after its first professional sports title since the Cleveland Browns of the NFL… in 1964. As long as they can stay healthy when it counts, the Cavaliers have a roster that can match up with anyone, and if they avoid the injury bug this time, it absolutely could be the year of Cleveland.

Matthew Dellavedova on LeBron, Wiggins, Bennett and the Westside Market

Matthew Dellavedova was an undrafted rookie from Saint Mary’s College who was trying to prove he belonged on an NBA roster last summer. Earlier this month, he returned to Las Vegas after logging 1,271 minutes during the regular season as a rookie for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal told SLAM Magazine recently that Dellavedova was among the three toughest one-on-one defenders in the NBA–along with Iman Shumpert and Tony Allen.

That defensive effort and intensity is what earned the Australian native a spot in the rotation this past season for Cleveland. But he also finished third among all rookies in three-point field goal percentage while appearing in 72 games.

During three summer league starts for Coach David Blatt, Delly has averaged 11.6 points, 4.6 boards and 4.6 assists per night. He’s also helped the young Cavs to a 3-0 record before heading overseas to help his Australian National Team prepare for the FIBA World Championships.

Just before he flew back to Australia, Dellavedova talked with about the whirlwind summer for his Cavaliers.

StepienRules: After going through your rookie season, what is one of the biggest things you learned about how to prepare for the NBA grind?

Matthew Dellavedova: The thing I probably learned the most is how important it is to take care of your body. That’s one of the things I really learned during my first season in the league. I try to eat healthy and I’m always looking for ways to improve my body in order to give myself a chance to perform my best on the court. Diet plays a big role in that for me. So I enjoy making smoothies, and I’ve enjoyed going to the Westside Market to get all of my fresh fruits and vegetables.

SR: Speaking of the Westside Market, how was your first summer in Cleveland? What other places were you checking out around the city?

MD: I really enjoyed the summer in Cleveland. It was cool to see some of the spots I hadn’t been to before. I went to the Canal Towpath, rode my bike down and took the train back and that was cool. I also went to Whiskey Island to watch some beach volleyball. I went running with some people I train with down at Edgewater Park and after that we went over to watch the sand volleyball. It’s nice over there. I also did a lot of biking around the city as well. It’s been great to get the chance to see all the different things in Cleveland.

SR: You’re out in Vegas now playing for Coach David Blatt. What are some of your initial impressions of him so far?

MD: I’m learning a lot from him already. He’s great to play for. He’s competitive, he really wants to win, and he’s a teacher of the game. He’s direct with his communications but he also delivers his message with a sense of humor. I really like playing for him and it’s been good to be able to get off to a great start winning the first three games out here.

SR: Can you describe the type of athlete that Andrew Wiggins is for the people who haven’t seen him up close yet?

MD: He’s just a really smooth athlete. It looks like he’s gliding up the court when he’s out there and it’s really fun to watch him in full flight when he takes off. He’s been working really hard and he’s impacting the game at the defensive end. He’s obviously got a lot to learn as a rookie, but he works hard, he listens and he’s a good teammate. So he’s got a really bright future and it’s going to be exciting to see where he takes it.

SR: Take me through that blocked shot he had against the 76ers on Monday. You end up grabbing the ball before it went out of bounds, how fast did it seem like all that happened?

MD: Well, I kind of remember when he went up and actually blocked the shot. Like you said, it happened pretty quick. Then the ball came off his hand so fast I thought it was going right out of bounds. He got so much of a piece of it. But when it came off his hand I just chased it down and grabbed it right before it went out. After that I found a teammate who was nearby, he got it back to me, and we were off on the fast break. So with plays like that, he’s obviously a lot of fun to play with.

SR: You and Anthony Bennett entered the league together as rookies. Right now he looks like he’s a lot more confident, lot more healthy–how has he seemed to you from the time you’ve spent with him? 

MD: He is feeling confident. He’s worked really hard and he’s in great shape right now. With how hard he’s been working, it’s really good to see it paying off for him. He’s really been rebounding well and he’s making smart plays too. Like, he noticed a mismatch in the post the other day and he went out and called for the ball. He ended up drawing a defensive three seconds because he recognized that mismatch right away. He’s also been driving and kicking, creating for other people as well. It’s really been good to see how much he’s grown and how much fun he’s having right now. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do this year because he’s really motivated and in really good shape.

SR: I know you guys were in practice when the LeBron news broke last week. What was your phone like when you finally got back to it?

MD: My phone was blowing up [laughs]. Everyone was texting me saying how cool it was that he was coming back. I was getting a lot of people from Australia texting me saying the same thing as well. It was kind of funny, too, we were in shoot-a-round trying to get ready for a game. Then we find out we’re getting the best player in the world on our team. So it took a minute to concentrate on the game. Then everyone was just really motivated to go get the win against Milwaukee later that night. It’s going to be great for the team and the city of Cleveland to have him here. I’m really looking forward to seeing how he works on a daily basis and learning a lot from him.

SR: What have you heard about LeBron from that standpoint—as far as that approach and work ethic off the floor—that you’re looking forward to learning from the most?

MD: I’ve heard lots of stories from people who were here when he was here the first time. They all talk about his work ethic, how he’s a student of the game and how he really watches a lot of game tape. The way he studies other teams around the league and makes sure he knows what other teams are running. From those conversations, and what he’s done throughout his career, you obviously know he’s committed to excellence. He’s going to drive everyone around him to do the same thing. It’s going to be really exciting to play with him and I’m just looking forward to the season.

SR: Dante Exum mentioned you by name on draft night during his ESPN interview after he shook hands with Adam Silver. He talked about how you and others from Australia helped pave the way for him to the NBA. Have you talked with Dante much since he was selected 5th overall by Utah?

MD: I text with him a little bit. He’s a really good kid. He’s smart and works hard so I think he’ll have a great career in the NBA. He’s got amazing tools and he’s going to do really well so I’m excited to watch him. We’ll be playing together in the FIBA World Championships and I’m looking forward to representing Australia with him.

SR: Do you have any specific, personal goals this year? With Jarrett Jack gone, for example, is the backup point guard spot a goal of yours?

MD: Yeah, I mean that’s definitely my goal to be the backup point guard this year. But more than that I just want to improve everyday and do whatever it takes to win. Whatever the team and Coach Blatt need me to do I’ll make sure I do that. But I’m just really looking forward to playing some meaningful games late in the season and competing for the playoffs.

SR: Opening night in Cleveland is going to be incredible—maybe the biggest night in the history of Northeast Ohio sports. Have you thought about taking the court that night at all yet?

MD: I have thought about that a little bit. I was thinking back to opening night last year, actually, and that was incredible. The Cleveland fans are so passionate. Even the final game we played, when the playoffs were out of the question last year, they were there supporting us. There is just so much passion in Cleveland and I can only imagine what it will be like this year.

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On Chris Herren, his new book, and my conversation with him over at Crossover Chronicles

Basketball JunkieThe late 1990s version of myself – a short, unathletic, high school point guard of sorts from an Irish-American family – first noticed Chris Herren the basketball star way back in the day at Fresno State. The shamrock he had tattooed on his arm caught my attention; I thought dude was cool.  I might even be in my cubicle today rocking that same ink had I rendered my game tattoo-worthy back then as a kid. But fortunately, as far as that goes, I didn’t.

I did soon find out though that Herren played with an overwhelming passion as an undersized guard on the D-I level.  Big shot taker, big shot maker, could get to the rim, create for others, and was just flat-out fearless on the basketball court.  I began to follow his career some from there.  When he got drafted into the league by Denver with the 33rd pick overall, I was happy for him.  Chalk one up for all the short ballers everywhere who’d ever get – or contemplate getting – tatted up with shamrock ink.  We made it.

I did hear some of what was reported back then in regards to his battle with substance abuse, but it didn’t seem like a big deal to me.  I thought the media was just blowing a couple isolated incidents way out of proportion back then.  Turns out they weren’t though.  Barely scratching the surface in fact.  chris-herren-celtics

I lost track of Chris Herren’s career after his second year in the NBA, just after he played for the Celtics.  I heard he was playing overseas for a while soon after that, and pretty much forgot about him as the years went by.  I first noticed him again though earlier this month, heard he’d written a book.  A book about his life in basketball, and his battle with substance abuse that dragged into the depths of hell for more than a decade.

I read the book, Basketball Junkie by Chris Herren and Bill Reynolds, this past weekend.  I was then fortunate enough to talk with Chris about it earlier this week over at Crossover Chronicles.

An excerpt of my thoughts on the book, and my conversation with Chris, are each are each below:

My thoughts on the book…

Herren describes the darkness inside his dramatic rise to prominence, and gut-wrenchingly details his ultimate collapse.  He then talks about what it took to eventually get up, beat his addiction, and become now a bigger star in life than he ever was on the court.  My words there, not his.  And like I did, you can’t help but end up cheering for the guy now more than ever.  The book is moving, horrific, self-deprecating, sad, and remarkable.  But more than anything else, his road to recovery is nothing sort of inspirational.

To me, this story dares you to believe that it’s never too dark to dream.  It dares everyone.  No matter how far you’ve fallen, you can always get up.  There’s always one more shot you can take.  One more dream to pursue.  One more reason to hope.

An excerpt from my conversation with Chris Herren…

How difficult was thinking back through all of these painful experiences in your mind, and going through the process of actually writing this book?

Chris Herren: The process was exhausting. There were times when I was going through the process of doing the book that I was ready to pull out of it.  It was tiring, it was emotionally and mentally exhausting.  But I got through it, and once I got through it, there was definitely a healing side to it.  It was all out there, I talked about it, and could try to recover and heal from it.

If you fell asleep last night, Skyenga is now 3rd place in Cavs scoring for those who wore the number 8!

The Cavaliers looked like the Cavaliers of old last night.  No, not the Cavaliers of the past few years, but the Cavaliers of December and January of this season.  They gave no effort, they let the Bucks do what ever they wanted and it showed in a 90-110 loss.  The Alonzo Gee as an NBA starter experiment is not going well.  He has now started the last 5 games, and the Cavaliers have gone 1-4.  Last night Gee had a terrible +/- of -29 in 26 minutes of action.  In other words, on average the Cavaliers lost by more than a point for every minute Gee played.  Not a good performance.

Christian Eyenga








On the other hand Christian Skyenga, who was benched in favor of Gee, was one of two Cavaliers with a positive +/- last night (Boobie Gibson was the other).  Skyenga played 21 minutes and had a +2.  Additionally, he scored 11 points (on 5-8 shooting), had 2 assists and 1 steal.  For the first time in his 28 game NBA career, he was not able to pull down a rebound.

The 11 points moved Skyenga past 3 more former Cavaliers on the team’s All-Time Scoring List:

Christian Eyenga
Brian Skinner
Reggie Johnson
Reggie Williams

Reggie (Silk) Williams was the 1987 Big East Player of the Year for Georgetown.  He was also a two time 1st Team All-Big East selection.  He is the 3rd leading scorer (behind only Eric Floyd 2,304 and Patrick Ewing 2,184) in Georgetown history with 2,117 career points.  His great college career did not fully translate into a great NBA career though.








He was the 4th overall pick in the 1987 NBA draft by the Clippers.  He averaged over 10 points per game for the Clippers in 2+ seasons.  He was then part of what many people consider the downfall of the late 80’s/early 90’s Cavaliers, as he was traded with the rights to Danny Ferry to the Cavaliers for Ron Harper, two 1st Round draft picks and a 2nd round draft pick.  He was waived later that season by the Cavaliers after playing 32 games and scoring 6.8 ppg.  Williams later in his career had a very solid 5 year run with the Nuggets, scoring 5,693 points in 367 games (15.5 ppg) from 1990-91 thru 1994-95.  For his career he averaged 12.5 ppg in 599 games and played for 6 different franchises.

Reggie Johnson is the 5th leading scoring in the history of the University of Tennessee.  He was named one of the 20 greatest players in the program’s history.  He was the 15th overall pick in the 1980 NBA draft by the San Antonio Spurs.  He averaged over 10 points per game for the Spurs over a season and a half, before he was traded to the Cavaliers with Ron Brewer for Mike Mitchell and Roger Phegley.  As was the custom of the 1981-82 season, Johnson was then traded a month and a half later to the Kings for Cliff Robinson.  In his two month stint with the Cavaliers, Johnson played 23 games (starting 22) averaged 9.7 points per game and pulled down 5.4 rebounds per game.  Johnson went on to be traded twice more and play 2 more seasons in the NBA.  His career totals were 305 games played, 8.4 points per game and 4.1 rebounds per game for 5 franchises in 4 seasons.

Brian Skinner was a 6′-9″ power forward out of Baylor who was the 22nd pick of the 1998 NBA draft by the Los Angeles Clippers.  He played three unproductive years for the Clippers at the start of his career.  Then he had a very busy offseason in 2001.  He was traded three times in a four month period in some pretty significant trades.  On draft day, he was traded by the Clippers with draft pick Tyson Chandler to the Bulls for Elton Brand.  A month later, the Bulls then traded Skinner to the Raptors for Charles Oakley.  Then just prior to the beginning of the season, he was part of a three team trade in which he was sent to the Cavaliers along with Ricky Davis.  In that trade, the Heat got Chris Gatling and the Raptors got Don MacLean and some cash.  Skinnner played one season for the Cavaliers as a back-up, playing 17.0 minutes per game and scoring 3.4 points per game.  Over the remaining years of his career he was traded 3 more times, including a 4 team 9 player trade in 2006.  Skinner was on the Bucks earlier this year, but was waived on January 5th, 2011 and is now playing in Italy.

By passing Skinner, Skyenga moves into 3rd place in Cavaliers scoring among players who wore the #8.   The Cavaliers now have until Sunday to catch their breath and get healthy.  Skyenga will surely keep up his movement towards the top of the Cavalier Scoring List, so stay tuned to for further Skyenga updates!

John Hollinger’s got Skyenga and JJ on his all 2012 break-out team

It’s getting harder and harder to not actually believe that JJ Hickson has in fact turned the corner.  Officially.  Like, turned it for sure to stay and only become better and more consistent from here.  He’s been pretty good lately, and while it remains to be seen how close he’ll end up getting to becoming an All-Star caliber player next season, there’s definitely good reason to be encouraged at the moment.  ESPN’s John Hollinger, for one, expects the progress to continue.

In naming his All-2012 Break-Out Team, Hollinger made note of JJ’s recent development, and he also shouted out our boy Skyenga too.



First what Hollinger said about JJ:

J.J. Hickson, Cavaliers

Probably the most encouraging development in a mostly lost season in Cleveland has been the turnaround by Hickson over the past two months. Early in the year, he was barely playable as a low-efficiency robot in the post and an indifferent rebounder at best. Since New Year’s Day, however, a new, more energetic Hickson has emerged.

He has pulled down more than four offensive boards a game since the start of the year, with salutary effects on his free throw opportunities and shooting percentage. Overall, he’s averaging double-figure rebounds in that stretch. While he’s still likely better off in the long term as a 4, rather than as an undersized 5, he is only 22 and has shown Cleveland’s earlier faith in him was not misplaced.

Then his take on Skyenga…who he also called Skyenga too by the way:

Christian Eyenga, Cavaliers
This is more a subjective call than a stats-based one, but “Skyenga” can fly and needs to only add experience to become, at the very least, a quality defensive player. He didn’t see any game action until January but has taken over the starting small forward role.

While his offensive game is a work in progress, his quickness and elevation defensively put him in stark contrast to most of his teammates. Eyenga’s dunks get the attention right now, but it’s his defensive potential that bodes best for his future.

Agree, agree, and agree on the Skyenga points.  Specifically though, he is right to point out the defensive potential.  In addition to those points made, Skyenga has also shown the desire to go up and challenge the best in the game.  Whether it’s Kobe, Melo, or whoever, it’s just like Eminem says in that one song, he’s not afraid.

The other players named to Hollinger’s break-out list include the following:  Tyler Hansbrough, Pacers; Paul George, Pacers; Chase Budinger, Rockets; Gerald Henderson, Bobcats; Marcus Thornton, Kings; Toney Douglas, Knicks; Austin Daye, Pistons; Rodrigue Beaubois, Mavericks

For the full article up at ESPN, go here.

Top 7 Reasons I Hate the Celtics

With the Cavs – Celtics 7-game second round series tipping off this Saturday night, I’ve posted below – in no particular order – my top -7 reasons I hate the Celtics…

Dirty Players, Dirty Team:  I can agree with Joakim Noah on two things.  It is true that Cleveland does not get all that many vacationers, and its also true that Kevin Garnett is a dirty player.  And I’ll take Noah’s comment one step further, the whole team’s dirty…just ask Ray Allen.  Don’t be at all shocked when the game plan includes collective shots at LeBron’s funny bone elbow on Saturday.

Paul Pierce:  Lotta reasons here, I’ll just name a few.  His team was awful before his GM went out and traded for two superstars, and now all of the sudden he is allegedly one of the greatest Celtics ever…huh.  This is after he quit on seasons, and led teams towards finishes in the Draft Lottery.  You can give LeBron the 11 worst players in the NBA and he’ll finish outside the lottery, guaranteed.  Besides that, all that crying during the ring ceremony was pathetic, and so was this whole mess, Willis…



more after the jump

Eddie House:  Look I know he was traded this season for a guy who’s most known for consistently winning a contest that nobody wants to take part in year after year, but you – Celtics – did choose to associate yourselves with a guy like this for as long as you did.  And people don’t forget that stuff.  Biggest clown in the Association…shouts out to Rafer Alston – what’s up Skip!

Rajon Rondo:  The impressionable young PG has been influenced by Mr. Anything is Possible, and displays streaks of shadiness in his game on the regular.  But more than that, it’s really not necessary to where your headband upside down Rondo.  Kris Kross thinks this fad won’t catch on…put Jerry West back up on his feet, and go ahead and shoot that open three…because the Cavs will be giving it to you all series long.

Kevin Garnett the Celtic:  What happened to you KG?  I used to think you were cool 10 years ago.  Well, I know what happened.  You’re getting crushed in your battle with father time, you’ve lost a step – or six – and you know it, and you’re compensating by morphing into that step on his toes, jersey grabbing, cheap shot dropping, old man in the 20 something rec-leage that’s out there still trying to prove his J-V coach wrong 30 years ago for cutting him, as a junior.  And part of me almost gets all that Kev…but why do you have to be so angry about it all the time?

Glenn Big Baby Davis:
  We didn’t forget about all that crying you did on the sidelines last year, Baby.  Nor did we forget that bout of hilarity about kiddie rides at Disney Land, or that whole taking your shirt off at the victory parade move.  C’mon Glenn.  Oh, and you also sent Shaq to the shelf for thirty some games this season on a move that could serve to illustrate my first point…but I won’t get into to all that, Baby.  Just promise to not cry this series…its awkward for everybody.

You traded us Jiri Welsh:  Thanks for that.  You knew we had a general manager at the time who was willing to draft guys like Trajan Langdon and Luke Jackson in the lottery and you took advantage of him.  You felt it not only necessary to start Jiri Welsh for 44 games that season to make him look legit, but you then convinced Jim Paxson to trade his 2007 first round pick for him…I hope Jim’s brother John does you like he did Del Negro for that theivery.



I’m sure by Monday I’ll have seven more but that’s all for now.  And make no mistake, starting Saturday, this will be a battle war hotly contested series