Best Basketball Movies of All Time

As a sports movie lover, I prefer to choose the Basketball game based movies to watch on the first order. Basketball is a kind of game which takes a lot of strength, endurance and concentration to play and seeing the players playing with these skills on the court it’s really amazing. Having a story with the basketball game means a complete package of entertainment. I have listed the best basketball movies of all time in the below:

Top 8 Basketball Movies List of All Time 


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It was a heart-warming movie to me. A well-skilled coach was asking for the second chance to recover his mistake. After having the scope, he brought the state championship trophy of 1952. It teaches me that one mistake cannot be the certificate of someone’s skill.

2. White Men Can’t Jump


The movie is a complete package. It has entertainment, comedy and mostly a presentation of social issues. What a heart touching story! Though it is a sports film it shows the present situation of society and lastly, the pair of Sidney Deane ( Wesley Snipes) and Billy Hoyle (Woody Harrelson) was amazing.

3. Semi-Pro


This is the funniest movie in sports category I have ever seen but there is a lesson also that is, there is nobody who is not capable enough to win, you can be weak than the others as well as enough capacity to reduce the weakness and can be the champion as the Jackie Moon’s team win the championship league.

4. He Got Game


Being a sports-based movie the care of a father for his son has been expressed so beautifully in the movie. This is one of the best films of Spike Lee and undoubtedly Denzel Washington played his role very impressively even he also got the best actor award in 2001. I am very sure that you do not want to miss the movie.

5. Love and Basketball


This is a story about the mutual passion of an African boy and an American girl. They became friends first and many years they remained the best friends but slowly they fell in love with each other. The most amazing thing about this movie is the chemistry between them. It was so natural and extremely touching. If you like romance then you will also like the movie for sure.

6. Space Jam


It is basically a kid-friendly movie also have a nice twist with previous NBA players. The most entertaining part is the mixture of animation and live action. It also contains a very important message that is people there is nothing like coincidence, each and every one has come to the world to complete some specific purpose as Muchael Jordan did not select for high school basketball team and he gave a commitment to his-self that, “ I’ll be the best basketball player of the world” and he kept his words. It is 20 years old but still my favorite.

7. The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh


Many people get hesitated to choose it and I was also one of them as it is not relevant by an official studio but after seeing the movie I am sure your mindset about the movie will be definitely changed like my one. It was very amusing, especially the music choice was so classic. But editing quality was very poor many scenes were not clear enough. Overall it has a nice concept so it can be recommended.

8. The Basketball Dairies30

This movie is based on a real-life story but I want to thank the Director Scott Kalvert for making every plot of the movie so natural and my favorite scene is when Jim locked out and his mother chained the door it was so painful and the music was incredible.


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Here are presenting the top-ranked sports movies based on Basketball. Having basic information about the movies you will also find the specific reasons in an informative manner for watching them. These movies are the gifts of the directors to the people like me (sports movie lover).

In the listed movies you may get comedy, amusement, inspiration and some morals or messages which may create a great impact on your life. In order to save your time and to take the right choice rapidly, the information has been provided to the point.

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