Best Mouthguards for Basketball 2024 – Protect Your Teeth

If you’re up to basketball, then you might have witnessed several injuries in NBA 2017. A few of them was about collisions where fractured tooth and gums were the tolls that players have to pay. And to practical, these are quite likely to happen in case of a game like basketball. But the question is, how likely players are intended to avoid these occurrences?

Well, in professional games, it’s a must to wear protective gears like mouthguards in the game, and even in the practice. But in amateur levels like high school or AAU games, players aren’t as protective and serious about it.

However, we’re going to put an end to this problem today with a researched-out list of the best mouthguard for basketball on the market. We’ve analysed the quality, protection level, durability and of course, the price-quality ratio.

Our Top Picks

Our Top Pick

If you’re in hurry, you can directly go for our best pick, the revolutionary Redline Sportswear Custom Fit Mouthguard. It’s a mouthguard with top-notch materials, ample safety precautions and comfortable for both adults and kids. From a wide collection of models, you can choose your best one right away.

Our Budget Pick

Mouthguards are not that much expensive. But in case you’re tight within a short budget, we’ve got our budget pick, Battle Fang-Edition Mouth Guard for you. It’s simple, easy to wear and remove, and safe in terms of material quality. This is more suitable for amateurs and school athletes, and not so great for professionals.However, as our budget pick, we found it perfect for the amateur level of use.

Alright, now that you know what to look for, let’s take a closer look at some popular options:

The 10 Best Basketball Mouthguards

1. Redline Sportswear Mouthguard

Redline Sportswear Mouthguard review

What do we people think of a sports great mouthguard? Comfort, hygiene, and safety- right?

Well, we’ve just got the best combination of these three factors listed. The name is Redline Sportswear Custom Fit Mouthguard and it’s undoubtedly on the top basketball mouth guards for braces on the market.

The best thing about Redline Sportswear Custom Fit Mouthguard is obviously, it’s shockproof design. Redline Sportswear as a brand, has implemented a patented design of absorbing shocks and impacts. From many of its user’s we’ve verified the feature and it really works as they claim!

Features and Benefits

Apart from the shockproof design, there are several other features that we admire a lot. Firstly, come the material standard that they use. The built and materials are FDA approved and completely free of Latex, BPA, and PVC.

Moving forward, it won’t let you get affected with bacteria, filth and other hygienic micro-organs. It comes with an antimicrobial carrying case. You can keep it in your backpack, gym bag or anywhere else without any worries of being unhygienic.

Also, there are several models of Redline Sportswear Custom Fit Mouthguard that are made for either kids or adult. The boil and bite design come with a gel lined layer(dual). As a result, it will fit right in with your gums and let you feel comfortable with that.

From the viewpoint of quality, safety and comfort, we would award it the crown out of all best mouthguard for basketball.

What We Like

  • Gel-lined dual layer of teeth protectors
  • Fits with the gums and teeth
  • A budget-friendly price

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t have any strappings in any of the designs

2. Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard

Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard Review

We’ve seen many sportsmen not to use a mouth guard because it causes problems for breathability. That’s not entirely wrong actually. In the race of providing optimal protection from impacts, they often forget about how much breathable these protectors are.

Result? Sudden injuries because of the absence of a mouthguard.However, the best thing about the Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard is the breathability. It has a patented design that ensures no trouble in breathing, drinking, and eating.

Features and Benefits

At the first glance, you will find a connected strap with the Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard. It would help to bring you an extra layer of protection from the forces coming towards your mouth. Also, unlike many conventional mouthguards, you need to do any boiling before use. It’s safe and would be safe throughout the hours you will be using it.

Moving forward, another advantage of this nicely designed mouthguard is, it won’t bother with the braces. If you have to wear, don’t hesitate before wearing this mouthguard as well. As we mentioned, it’s breathable and will play the role of the teeth protector as well. Officially, it comes with a promise of unlimited defect protection. Which, we want to be as real-time as possible.

What We Like

  • Patented design with innovative strap
  • No boiling required
  • Cheap in price
  • Compatible with braces also

What We Don’t Like

  • The not strapless version is offered

3. Sisu NextGen Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard

Sisu NextGen Review

Aero Guard is a brand with a promise of solid products when it comes to sports appliances. So far, Sisu NextGen Aero Guard had been one of the best products from this company in Michigan.

The top side of this product is, it fits inside the jaw of any sizes and feels extremely comfortable inside the mouth.

The thickness is 1.6mm only and that makes it one of the most comfortable mouth guards for the sports of basketballs.

Features and Benefits

The SISU Mouth Guards Aero is a premium grade dental protection kit that would be applicable to anyone above an age limit of 11 years. With a thickness of only 1.6mm, it’s one of the thinnest protectors in the market. Even 50% of the popular dental; protectors are wider and thinner than this item.When it comes to protecting the teeth from impact forces like football, basketball and so on, the diffuse technology of this model will distribute the force evenly. So, there will be no chance of major dental injury at all.No matter you’re up to sports like basketball, or just wearing it randomly, it won’t restrain you to talk, breathe and drink anything. A wider bite pad will let you enjoy a perfect protector made for your set of teeth only. Lastly, from a wide collection of colors, you can easily choose your favorite one

What We Like

  • Distributes impact forces evenly
  • Comfortable to fit inside with teeth
  • Great mold-ability

What We Don’t Like

  • Due to extreme thickness, it can’t withstand heavy impacts

4. Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguard

Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguard Review

At no #4 of the list, we’ve something that is hardly dedicated for players who have to deal with heavy sports like basketball, football, lacrosse, MMA, hockey, jiu-jitsu, boxing and many more. This guard brings with it is the strong and rigid front bumper for absorbing the shocks.

Heavy impacts in sports like basketballs will surely reach a high level of force to your gums. But as long as you have a strong level of protection from Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard, you can expect to be safe in most cases.

Features and Benefits

It fits with every kind of sportsman who often needs to get into heavyweight impact forces. With the shock absorbing frontal bumper of the guard, you will have a strong protection from everything you intake. 

Just because it’s hard and protective, that doesn’t mean that you won’t feel comfortable inside. It’s an adjustable guard with boil and bites fit. When you get it in the mouth, you can reform the shape as per your dental orientation. 

If you need to have a strapped one, Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard has that version as well. You can choose either the strapped one or unstrapped one, and with either of them, there will be a wide number of sizes available.

What We Like

  • Shock absorbing front number provided
  • Fits inside almost any kind of gums

What We Don’t Like

  • Metal frame may seem uncomfortable for amateurs

5. Venum Challenger Mouthguard 

Venum Challenger Mouthguard Review

In the previous review of the list, you might notice that we mentioned ‘being metallic’ as a negative point for a mouthguard. Maybe professionals won’t’ be bothered with that, but if you’re going through your first few months, this might be hard for you.

However, we’ve got something that is made keeping the fact of comfortability in mind. Venum Challenger Mouthguard is made of Nexfit gel and that’s we’ve marked as the best feature of the mouthguard.

Features and Benefits

When we had the first glance at this mouthguard from Venum, we noticed a few unique features in the design. The material is made of gel frame which is made to be adjustable and comfortability. With such a material and a wide variation of 13 designs, you would surely find your best fit.

What Venum claims about its design is solid and proved. The certificate that they have achieved from CE is a solid proof of that. To deal with the shock management, the rubber frame is built with pretty high-quality rubber. So, you won’t feel even hardest of the punches brutally.

In order to stay safe from the germs and bacteria that we have around us, it’s recommended to use these guards with proper hygiene. But the hard task is already made easy with Venum Challenger Mouthguard I guess. It’s delivered with a protective case that can be used for a long time. So, no worries about losing the hygiene anymore

What We Like

  • Comfortable for amateur users
  • Less chance of hygiene issues
  • 13 different colours to choose from
  • Certified design

What We Don’t Like

  • No strappings

6. Shock Doctor Max Airflow Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor Mouth Guard Review

Mouthguards are supposed to protect the teeth from getting injured by heavy impacts. Yes, Shock Doctor Mouth Guard is a dual protector of both teeth the lips. The design is made with a combination of teeth protector and a protector of lips. So far, we’ve seen such a design in very few of the popular mouthguards of the market. And eventually, this is the most loved feature of this product.

Features and Benefits

First of all, Shock Doctor Mouth Guard is a guard for mouth and teeth that is good for all kind of contact sports. No matter it’s basketball, soccer, MMA or Lacrosse, Shock Doctor Mouth Guard will do it right away.

You will find a low-profile bite pad that will provide an extra shade of comfort to the user. Also, the regular instant fit design is already there. With a dual impact of these, you won’t feel uncomfortable at all.

Like we said, the extension called lip guards will protect your lips from the heavy collisions and punches. And due to this extension, don’t think that the breathability will be harmed at all. It’s still made to be breathable.

Lastly, it is compatible with braces and food intakes. This is nothing special as most of the companies are making mouthguards in this way. But we think that will bring this guard one step closer to your favorite choice. Instead of teeth to protect you keen read our best basketball knee sleeves review.

What We Like

  • Extended lip protector
  • Compatible with braces

What We Don’t Like

  • This guard has an issue with usability in sports of speed movement

7. Battle Fang-Edition Mouthguard

Battle Fang-Edition Mouthguard

If you’re looking for a simple mouthguard that would still protect your teeth right away, #7 is the right pick for you. It’s called the Battle Fang-Edition Mouth Guard and it’s super simple and easy to use. Infect, you have to face no complicacy in putting it in and out. So, in sports where you need to change the mouthguard frequently, this would be the great choice. 

On an additional note, this mouthguard is made to be extremely cheap. So yeah, it’s our budget pick as well.

Features and Benefits

Many of the mouthguards are limited to a certain age limit like 9 years of age and so. In fact, professional grade guards don’t even need by kids under that age limit. But in case your kid is up to sports like basketballs and boxing, Battle Fang-Edition Mouth Guard is the right product for you.

There are two versions of this product- one is for 9 years or younger, another is for adults. Particularly, both of them are simple and protective against collisions and compacts. This guard is re-boiled and re-mold a number of times and works with complete hygiene.

Moving forward, the simple and easy clip removal is a great feature to appreciate. With an additional integrated safety release, you don’t have a deal with the sudden release in between the sports. We loved how Battle, the brand has put a perfect set of features in such a simple best mouth guard for youth basketball players.

What We Like

  • Safety release with easy removal clips
  • A cheap pick under low budget
  • Can be compatible with braces

What We Don’t Like

  • For amateur use only

8. Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor Mouth Guard for Braces

You have seen almost every guar do on this list to have a compatibility with braces so far. But this time, we’ve got something that’s particularly made for people who have to wear a brace. In fact, the models and variations of this product are made with the brace sizes in mind. So, if you’re both a sports enthusiast and a brace holder in the gums, Shock Doctor Mouth Guard for Braces is for you.

Features and Benefits

A great fact about the Shock Doctor Mouth Guard for Braces is, it’s not made of rubber or metal. Instead of these two common materials, it’s made with synthetics. To be specific, the main material is 100% medical grade silicone. Due to this, this may not last for a number of months that others do, but it will serve you to the fullest during its lifetime. 

The other set of features includes the instant fitting, the quick release tether, the softness and the comfort- everything is made for you. If you’re not up to too heavy professions like league basketballs, this might be the right choice for you.The product comes with two versions for both adults and kids. You can get as per the age of the user.

What We Like

  • 100% synthetic
  • Has compatibility with all sort of braces
  • Quick to put on and off

What We Don’t Like

  • Don’t last for more than 6 months of continuous use

9. Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard

Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard

Eventually, we are at the last pick of the list of 10. At #10, we’ve got something exceptional from 9 other models of the list. Some of the products of the list had extended lip protectors. But Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard this time will be focussing on the lips only. What I mean is, it’s basically a lip protector and will be a savior of major impacts on the teeth as well.

This unique mouthguard can be called a leap protector with an extension of teeth protector as well. Let’s know some more about it-

Features and Benefits

This Mouthguard won’t require any boiling or so to start using. And as it’s supposed to be a protection of the lips mainly, breathability is another important feature of this product. Also, another special side is, you don’t have to think about the size of this product. Because there is the only size of the product and that would fit mouthe th of any person and any age.

What We Like

  • Defective and sturdy
  • Large breathing hole

What We Don’t Like

  • Not enough teeth protection at all

10. ProDefenda Mouthguard For Basketball Player

ProDefenda Mouthguard For Basketball Player

Till now, we’ve appreciated many features of the mouthguards of the list and all of them were about performance and functionalities. But in case you’re serious about the design of the mouthguard as well, we have something for you as well.

Shock Doctor Mouth Guard for Braces is a product with a stylish design. Both in black and white, you can get such a guard that will be a part of your attitude.

Features and Benefits

In terms of performance, the Shock Doctor Mouth Guard for Braces may not be so exception but isn’t that much dull as well. It’s made with a dual layer of shock absorption frames and in together they will provide a full protection.

Moving forward, we found a unique feature in this product and that’s the centralized holes. This is a smart engineering because, when you are in a tough fight, you need a continuous supply of fresh oxygen and this hole right here, will get you that.

It’s customizable with the bold and bite fitting and surely, it will make a tight fit inside the mouth. Once you get it for outdoor sports, we’re pretty sure that you won’t regret the investment.

What We Like

  • Stylish black/white outlook
  • A good pick for all sort of sports

What We Don’t Like

  • Except for the hole, the material itself isn’t so breathable

Buying Guide for Best Mouthguard for Basketball

Can You Breathe with the Mouth Guard?

A major concern while wearing a mouth guard is, can you breather through it or not. While some of the models are made of synthetic materials like silicone, some other contains metal parts in it. Also, the thickness plays a big role while it comes about feeling comfortable. Considering both facts, you should be going for a thick and soft mouth guard.

Can You Protect It in the Field of Basketball?

Basketball is a game where impacts and collisions are must to happen often. And as you will be wearing a mouth guard, your target would be to protect your teeth from injuries. Look for proven designs of inner mouthguard that will withstand the impacts. The impact force is likely to be distributed throughout the entire guard.

The Hygienic Issue

Of course, you will not be wearing the protector when you’re off the field. And by then, you should keep it in a place where no bacteria or germs get in touch with it. It’s best to buy one with safety protectors.


If you don’t have a bad habit of chewing mouth guards, any mouth guards are supposed to last for at least a few months. But some of them come with even a better promise of durability. That’s because of the quality of the materials and dosing. Try to get as close as possible to the strongest guard.

Types of Mouthguards Used Professionally

You’ve just gone through the best mouthpiece for basketball of the market of 2020. Now, we didn’t tell you that in this list, we’ve put a few variety of mouthguards mixed together. So, there are variations in types, materials, strength and of course price.

Here are the basic types of professional grade mouthguards that are used often:

1. The Boil and Bite Mouth Guards

The boil and bite mouth protectors offer the best kind of fit for anyone who’s intended to use one. Because it’s moulded according to the shape of individual’s teeth, no other mouthguard types can be so accurate. And it has one disadvantages that, you can’t use it instantly. You have to spend quite some time with boiling and moulding it according to your teeth’s shape.

2. Custom Fitted Mouthguards

This is an advanced version of what we called ‘customized mouthguards’. Usually such mouthguards come from a dental centre or professional laboratory that deals with dental medicines. The material is thermoplastic and performs best among these three types of mouthguards.

3. Stock Mouth Protectors

Stock mouth protectors are a bit amateur level one and the greatest advantage of these are, you wan use them instantly. There is some particular pattern of teeth melded in these guards and you can get that on within seconds. In terms of price, they are quite cheap as well.

How to Boil and Mould A Mouthguard

As an oral protective equipment, mouthguards play an important role, but only when you use it in the right way. For athletes and sports participant’s, it’s a must to boil the mouthguard before they use it on the ground.

At this section of the article, we’ve come up with a simplified step-by-step process of boiling a mouth guard. 

Step 1: Prepare the Guard to Boil

As you get the newly purchased mouthguard in hands, it’s time to prepare it for boiling. Take a glass or pot that can withstand warm water and put the mouth guard inside. Now take bowl of cold water and immerse the mouth guard into the water.

Step 2: Take a Bowl of Boiled Water

New take a bowl of boiled water and let the mouth guard be immersed in it. Make sure than the mouthguard is completely emerged into the water. Take a time of 20 to 30 seconds and wait for the mouth guard to soften.

Step 3: Take the Mouthguard Back and Place in Cold Water

Now take the mouthguard out of the boiled water and immerse it in cold water. Take not more than 5 seconds at this stage. After 5 seconds of time, the guard will be cool enough to place inside your teeth and gums.

Step 4: Bite Down the Guard and Start Fitting

Now it’s time to adjust the mouth guard into your teeth. Take a bite down into the mouth guard and suck it for 40-50 seconds in a hard way. Also, keep pushing the mouth guards towards your teeth with the tongue.

Step 5: Check the Mould

As you’re done with the step previously, check whether the mouthguard had been in a shape of your teeth or not. If positive, then you are successfully done with the process. If the impression is not as expected, go to the next step.

Step 6: Reheat the Guard Over Again

If you’re failed to get a perfect mould of the mouth guard, go to step 2 and 5 and start doing the process over again.

Step 7: Do the Final Checks

When you are done finally with it, it’s time to make that mould permanent on the mouthguard. After you’ve put the mould on the teeth perfectly, immerse it in the deep cold water. This will make the plastic mould permanent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do NBA players cover their mouths?

There are several reasons why the NBA players cover their mouths. One reason is so that when they are speaking to someone close to them their voices will be amplified and the other person will be able to hear them. It is very loud inside a basketball game. They also cover their mouths so other people cannot read their lips and find out what they are saying. Covering the mouth also limits virus spread and protects the athlete from diseases like flu, the common cold and Covid.

Are mouth guards necessary for basketball?

A mouth guard is a protective device that stops a lot of tooth loss, and mouth damages from occurring. While they are not mandatory they are highly recommended especially for young players who may get injured. Being hit in the face with the ball can do damages, cut the lips and gums or knock teeth out.

What mouth guard does Steph Curry wear?

Steph Curry wears the Under Armour mouth guard. This is a personal choice and the guard is designed in different flavors to help encourage players to wear them more and protect themselves from mouth injuries while they play.

Final World

If you’re up to any kind of contact sports like basketballs, boxing, football, ice hockey, field hockey or lacrosse, best mouthguards for basketball can be used in any of these sports. But before you make the purchase decision, take a couple of advice as a summary line.

Firstly, it’s the toughness of the sports that defines what kind of guards you should be getting for you. Secondly, some features may affect in different ways in different persons. As example, if you have some metal with the guard, you may get sensitive with it or you may not. So, it’s best to consult with your dentist before making the final deal. Subscribe our blog for getting updated review copy.