The Rules of the Game: How to Bet for 2024 NBA Games? 

The popularity of NBA events is not only realized in the US but also around the world. People specifically have their eyes set on its championship event.  Sports bettors that also have fun watching and making profits with every NBA event.

With its heart-stopping and exhilarating games, it is undeniable that each basketball game is worth placing bets on. If you want to try it out, here is a helpful guide to help you bet throughout the NBA season.

Study the Schedule of the Season


As preparation for one of the most exciting sports in the professional field, it would help if you are familiar with who will be facing whom in every game. It will also give you a sort of advantage and gives you the time to do your research and review the odds.

Every NBA team in the NBA will play 82 games in a regular season. Then, the standing winners from each division will face the playoffs. After that comes the NBA championship. Unfortunately, the 2024 -2024 NBA season schedule is not going to be presented anytime soon yet, but it is expected to be released to the public in August 2024 .

Find the Perfect Betting Site

If you are betting online, the primary people you can trust is the sportsbook. It is a company that accepts bets from bettors online. That means your online betting experience also depends on their services.

If you are planning to bet for the NBA season, legitimate betting sites like offer live streaming and real-time odds for their bettors. In this way, you will be able to observe how a team’s odds move before placing your final bet. Moreover, services like these are appreciated by a lot of people. What’s more, this is just one of a lot of things they can provide.

Additionally, the perfect betting site would be a sportsbook that presents you with several payment channels so that you won’t have a hard time paying out and depositing to your bankroll. In this part, it is all about preference and convenience. It would be great if a sportsbook had both.

Above all, you must inspect if the betting site is legal and is appropriately regulated within the law. This way, you are ensured that you are engaging with a legal website and that all your money is safe.

Review the Odds


You must first be familiar with the basketball odds to bet on the NBA games. This element of sports betting is crucial in placing your bets. They present the chances of your favored team winning a match and the amount you can get if they win.

In short, reviewing the NBA odds allows you to study even the other team’s chances. In smart betting, the odds are going to be your best friend. For NBA sports betting, the American odds are usually used by most sportsbooks.

American Odds

This odd is presented with three numbers after the + or – sign. The plus sign represents the underdog team with the slightest chance of winning. Meanwhile, the minus sign means the favorite team, the one who has a better chance of winning the match.

The negative sign also presents the amount you need to bet to win $100. Conversely, the number beside the positive sign indicates the amount of money you can win if you bet $100.

In a Warriors vs. Celtics game, the former has -130 odds, and the latter has +150 odds. People who bet the favorite can get $100 plus the amount they wagered if the Warriors win. On the other hand, underdog bettors are secured with a $150 winnings plus their $100 bet.

To explain it simply, you can get higher payouts the more you risk. The higher the odds of a team, the more you will win, depending on your wager.

Find the Right Bet for You


To the most exciting part, finding the right bets should also be your topmost priority. It is because it is impossible to win a bet you are unfamiliar with. You may end up just wasting your time and money.

To get you ready and prepared to wager for the NBA, you can start checking out their most popular types of bets.

NBA Moneyline Bet

Moneyline is the most straightforward type of sports bet you can wager on an NBA game. This type of bet will only need you to predict the winner of the game and place money on your wager.

As simple as Moneyline can be, it only has a considerable amount of payout, unlike the other types of bets on this list, which entail higher risks than this one. So, this stake is perfect for first-time and casual bettors.

NBA Totals Bet

NBA totals or Over/Under bets are the type of bets where the sportsbook presents a number. This number is the predicted combined total points of the two teams during the game. The role of the bettor now is to guess whether the actual final total score would be over the set points by the sportsbook or over it.

You can win this bet if you predicted correctly. However, if there are chances that the set total by the sportsbooks ends up equal with the final combined points, then all bets will be pushed. This means that all the wagers placed will be refunded to them.

NBA Spread Bet

Spread betting is an interesting type of bet where sportsbooks try to figure out the odds between the favorite and the underdog. In every sportsbook, they will present different odds for the spread betting.

For instance, if the favorite team is presented with a -4 point spread as a favorite, they will need to beat their opponent by making a four-point gap or more for you to win. So, if they win by a three-point difference, you will still lose your bets.

Meanwhile, if you bet on the underdog, they will only need to beat their odds by winning the game over the favorite or decreasing the gap against the other team. If they have a +5 point spread, they need to have a score gap of at least less than five for you to win your bet.

Prepare Your Bankroll


Last but not least, it would be best to have your bankroll ready and prepared. This step is crucial because most people forget that the purpose of your bankroll is to help you avoid overspending, which can take a toll on your finances.

You should set a total amount of money to deposit in your bankroll and ensure that this is the total amount you can manage to lose if all things get worse. Still, you must practice proper bankroll management to prevent this.

Final Thoughts

If you have any plans on betting for the NBA regular season, you can start preparing as early as now. You can formulate strategies and prepare yourself until October’s schedule drops. Try to earn extra money that you can put on your bankroll and familiarize the bets that you will be wagering on every game. This way, you can be more at ease when the event officially starts.