Goalrilla GS54 Review In Ground Basketball Hoop Reviews in 2024

There are many basketball companies who claim to be the best at manufacturing hoops and equipment, but Goalrilla is so confident in their products they tout themselves as “The Toughest Basketball System on the Planet ™.”

With that kind of salesmanship it’s easy to get swept up in their own self-hype. One thing Goalrilla is famous for is their in-ground basketball hoops. In-ground means that the basketball hoops is anchored directly to the ground via concrete and is ideal for those who want to get a long life out of their basketball hoop. One such products is the Goalrilla GS54 In-Ground Hoop. Today we review this hoop to see if Goalrilla lives up to its name.


  • The backboard is 54” Wide by 33” Height, with glass that is ⅜” thick.
  • The full hoop stands at 147” tall and weighs 329 lbs.
  • The medium-weight, pro-style flex rim can be adjusted from 7.5’ to 10’
  • The square pole is 5” by 5” thick.


  • A reinforced backboard with tempered glass.
  • A concrete anchored system.
  • A steel pole coated in Dupont powder.
  • Professional-style breakaway rim.
  • A lifetime warranty.

What are Customers Saying?

Customer reviews for the Goalrilla GS54 system is overwhelmingly positive. Most customers are happy with their purchase and cite it as a good system for their children to play or practice with.

Purchasers are happy that the construction of the basketball hoop is simpler than others and comes in one piece instead of two. According to the instructions, you may have to buy more concrete than you think, but when put up it is sturdy.

While construction is easier than other brands, it takes a couple people to install or the help of a professional installer. While some recommend putting the backboard on before installing the pole to the ground, others have recommended that you use a pickup truck bed to install the backboard onto the pole, as doing it with ladders can be dangerous.

Some customers have noted that after installation, even to the exact specifications, their pole might shake a little during certain activities. While the shaking is not severe, it is noted by a few people which can hamper the durability of the pole.

Many customers are telling of how they switched from other brands to the Goalrilla and they are glad they did. They call it as close to professional sized hoops as you can get and cite the price as being a lot better than other brands.

Customers are also impressed by how easy it is to uninstall and transport to a new place if need be. While you will need to buy more concrete to reinstall it somewhere else, the fact that all you have to do is undo the bolts to take the pole out is touted as a nice feature. The only problem is finding a vehicle big enough to transport the pole, like a truck.

Stepien Rules Expert Review

So is the Goalrilla GS54 everything it says it is? Short answer, yes. There is a reason that Goarilla is one of the best makers of basketball hoops and related merchandise. They have an eye for quality and know how to make that happen without breaking the bank. While a lot of their products share similar specs and design, the GS54 is an example of a good roundabout hoop that may not be meant for pro players, but is good for family and semi-pro users.

The materials used for the backboard allow it to last longer and not fog up, all while providing a good rebound bounce. The metal is high quality, durable and is not prone to bending or snapping when dunking. About dunking, the rim uses a flex system which allows the rim to bend and release stress so the whole pole doesn’t bend with it.

Installation is fairly simple, even if you need an extra pair of hands, and has some portability. It’s a hoop good for any age and is guaranteed to last you a lifetime. If anything happens to it, Goalrilla has a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Reinforced tempered glass backboard
  • Single pole design
  • Easy to adjust


  • Backboard is not regulation size
  • Lacks features found on higher end models

The Good

  • The reinforced tempered glass backboard is one of the best materials available. Not only do you get a better rebound from the backboard, but unlike other materials such as polycarbonate or acrylic, tempered glass will not fog or haze over allowing your board to stay clear and attractive.
  • The GS54 uses a single pole for its hoop allowing for more aggressive play for things like dunking.
  • The height change actuator is easy to use and can change the from 7.5’ to 10’ with the use of a handle and shows the measurement of height at all times.
  • The rim uses a flex system allowing the rim to relieve any pressure should someone hang on the rim after a dunk.
  • GS54 uses the Goalrilla standard anchor system which uses J-Bolts. Each bolt has a tensile strength of up to 10,000 lbs. Should you move, the system allows for easy transportation.
  • Comes with a pole pad, which allows for extra safety.

Points to Consider

  • The backboard for the GS54 is not regulation sized. It falls short with regulation being 72” by 42”.
  • Is a middle of the road hoop. While this is not a low end model of hoop, there are other high-end models that might offer more features.


Recommended by experts, recommended by customers and recommended by us, the Goalrilla GS54 is a hoop that any family who wants their driveway or backyard to be a place fun should consider buying. It has enough positives and very little negatives to make that decision easier.

Even if you want to consider other products, it should be noted that some customers who have bought this have switched over from other brands who are supposed to be the leaders of the industry. Also calling the company Goalrilla is a fun pun.