How Many Laps Around A Basketball Court Is A Mile?

Playing basketball has its benefits in health and physical strength. A game of basketball is not only a stress buster but also brings family and friends together. The real question though remains how much a player runs when playing basketball. And how does a player know when to stop?

Read below to know how many laps around a basketball court make a mile in different basketball courts. This will help in estimating the number of miles a player runs when playing the game, whether it be a friendly match or a televised match. Also, get to know when the running gets too much and when to stop!

How To Measure The Number of Laps

To know the number of laps it takes around a basketball court for it to equal a mile, it will take a simple mathematical calculation. Measure the length and width of the basketball court before proceeding with the calculation.

To know the number of runs, a player should take to make it a mile multiply the length of the basketball court by two. Multiply the result by two by taking the breadth of the court. After getting the sum, adding the length and breadth of the basketball court will give the result, say X.

Now, 5,280 feet equals a mile. So divide 5,280 by X. The result will be the number of runs it takes to cover a mile in a basketball court.

Number of Laps

Basketball courts have a standard set of measurement all around. So, in a National Basketball Association (NBA) and college basketball court, it will take 18.3 laps around the court to make a mile. High school basketball courts are smaller, so it will take 19.9 laps around the court.

The International Basketball Federation (IBF) basketball courts will take 18.7 laps around the court to make a mile while it will take 22.7 laps in high school basketball courts.

Measurement of Basketball Courts

The NBA and college basketball courts measure 94 feet by 50 feet, while high school basketball courts measure 84 feet by 50 feet. The IBF basketball courts measure 28 metres and 15 metres in width, while junior high school basketball courts measure 74 feet and 42 feet in width.

How Much Is Too Much Basketball?

As it is said, too much of anything is not good for anyone. Even though playing basketball helps in losing weight, keeping fit and has other health benefits, excessive work out is not good for the health. Listed below are some tips on how to stay healthy while preparing for the basketball season.

  • Keep the practices sharp, short, and focused. It is better to have minimal running while in the basketball court. This is so because, by the time the game reaches its peak, the players will be exhausted.
  • It is essential to give at least a day off to the players. Taking the day off may mean an off day for physical activity, but not for mental activity! A player can have a regular practice session like shooting practice at their homes without stressing about feeling tired and weary.
  • Besides taking rest, players also need to ensure that they are taking good care of their body. It is important to pamper the body with an ice bath, getting a good night’s sleep, eating well and drinking a lot of water!
  • Injuries are part and parcel of games and sports. In case of any injury to the player, it is essential to take proper medical treatment. As it is, being sore and suffering an injury are two different things, and neglecting an injury can cost the game at some point of time.
  • Training on strength is beneficial for basketball players as it requires a lot of stamina. Excessive running is part of a basketball game, and no one wants to see a wheezing player immediately after the game begins! Strength training will also help in keeping the knees, ankles and hips stronger and give more muscular strength.