How Much Are Courtside Tickets

Courtside seats are the dream seats of every basketball fan. These are the seats that put you right where the action is. These are the seats that are usually occupied by famous people because they are close enough for you to actually touch one of the players.

The courtside seats have price variances. The team that is playing is a large part of the cost of the tickets. Certain teams are higher in demand and the higher the demand is for the tickets the more those tickets will cost.

The city that you are in will affect the cost of the tickets as well. Smaller cities may charge a few hundred dollars for this prime seating. Larger cities like Chicago may charge tens of thousands for the chairs.

The typical cost of the seats will fall somewhere between $300 and $20,000.

Who is Playing Changes the Price?

If you are going to see the big-name NBA teams like the Miami Heat, the Golden State Warriors, or the Los Angeles Lakers you can be sure that the prices of the tickets are going to be in the upper price range.

For an average game the prices will in in the thousands to see these teams play up-close. If the game is a play-off game you can escalate that price dramatically to the tens of thousands.

If you are going to see a team like the Hew Orleans Pelicans or the Atlanta Hawks the price will probably only be in the hundreds. You do need to realize that even the lower priced teams will have increased prices for some games.


Playoff Time

When the playoffs begin the court side prices are going to soar! A record was set for the highest amount paid for courtside tickets at an NBA game in 2019. Two tickets were sold to one person at a price of more than $50,000 per ticket.

College and High School Games

You can start to see the excitement and thrill of having courtside seats by attending local high school games and sitting courtside. Some people truly do not like these seats.

When you are this close to the action it can be difficult to see everything that is happening on the court. When you are farther away you can see all of the players and all of the court.

The closer seats limit your ability to see some fouls, and often they cause your view of the game to be blocked by someone standing right in front of you. Nothing is more frustrating than paying a lot of money to see a game and then someone blocking your view of that game. It does happen though.

You should try going to the high school and college games and sitting beside the court before you decide to purchase tickets that could cost you thousands of dollars.

See how many times you miss a play because your vision is obstructed, or because you are simply too close to the action to see the full court. This will let you know if the purchase of the seats will be worth the price.

If you sit courtside

When you sit court side you will be very close to the action. You could reach out and touch a player if you chose to. You cannot reach out and touch a player from these seats or security will escort you from the building.

When you sit court side you have to be very careful to not let your feet stick out so that they could trip a player who is running past you. It is your responsibility to keep your feet and arms close enough that you do not interfere with the game.

When you sit court side you must be careful to not spill any drink or food onto the court. Some teams do not let courtside seats eat or drink during the game because a spill could result in game disruption.

If you sit courtside you do have an increased chance that you could be struck by a ball, or struck by a player who runs out of bounds. This is a risk you take by being up close to the players. You must be prepared for this possibility, and you must prepare to not interfere if the ball comes towards you or a player falls towards you.

Final Thoughts

These seats are the ultimate seats for all basketball fans. Just once in every fans life they should get the opportunity to sir court side and see their favorite players up close.

These seats are great presents to anyone you know that loves basketball. Be sure that you get seats for a team they really love, and remember that you will not be able to take your camera in with you.