In 7 Ways How to Become a Better Basketball Player

Just like any other sport, being a better basketball player requires time, dedication, hard work and patience. It is definitely not easy to spend hours every single day; practicing. There is much more involved about the game other than tossing the ball through a hoop. That is why; you will find good players like Lebron James still going for practice. So, what does it take it to become a better basketball player?Let’s learn!

What Will It Take to be a Better Basketball Player?

1. Sweat All the Way to Your Success

Sweat All the Way to Your Success

You have to work to be a better basketball player. There is no shortcut to it. Therefore, you have to be set for spending hours and not just one or two, but many hours, in the gym and on the court to perfect your physical fitness and skills. Going to a basketball academy or a camp will take you far, but not as far if, you are not ready to put in as much effort as required.

If you do not spend time and effort in the practice, then all the training will be equal to zero. Practice adds you more strength, speed, versatility, speed and swiftness. The better your athleticism is the better performance you will deliver on the court.

2. Be Keen on The Mentality of The Game

Be Keen on The Mentality of The Game

We are done with the physical part. That was only one part of the game. Now there is the mental part of it. Your mental state has to be strong enough to endure all situations. There will be a lot of disappointments in this journey. Let’s be honest! There will be bad games, unfair calls and in all this, you will be needed to stay calm.

Yes, it may hit you so hard and make you feel as if you’d want to punch someone in the face but, you are expected to be calm and most collected during such times. Your teammates will need your support when it gets too tough.

3. Skills Training is the Only Way

Skills Training is the Only Way

We mentioned about sweating all the way to your success, right? That did not mean that we discredit training. Not at all! It is through the trainings and camps you will know and be taught a lot of things such as exercises and how to train yourself and be better.

These camps are taught by players and coaches who have been successful in the game. You will be learning from the best, from people who carry the secrets and tips to make it. Therefore, during these training, exploit the chance and take everything they teach with you. Listen very carefully.

4. Better your Position IQ

Better your Position IQ

Learn and understand what is expected of your position. This information will help you during your training and practice sessions. Understand the type of passes, dribbling, and strength needed from you.

Take for instance, you are a point guard, you should be aware that, you are expected to handle, dribble then pass the ball to other players. You also need to bring the ball down the court and start the offensive plays. This means that, during practice, you should focus more on dribbling.

5. Understand your Role

Understand your Role

This is a team sport you are playing. Therefore, not every player will be the best performer, shooter or scorer always. It should not be about you ever. It should always be about the team. Get to know your team role and understand it.

This will enable you to focus and be keen on the skills that your team requires from you. Know the style of your team’s offense and defense. From this, you will identify where you come in, to ensure the team is a success. When the team wins, you also win and when it fails, you fail too.

6. Complaining Has Never Been a Problem Solver!

Complaining Has Never Been a Problem Solver!

Complains are just a version of excuses. You could be comparing your work ethic to that of your teammates or want to do like they do, for going scot-free after being in the wrong. It is understandable that times come when, everyone feels angry, maybe tired or even stressed.

However, those are emotional intrusions and they could interfere with the process of your improvement. Avoid them as much as you can. How do you do that?

By looking at the situations from different angles! Try and look for positivity instead. If certain happenings are beyond your control, then accept them as they are and move on!

7. Better Your Skills

Better Your Skills To Dominate Your Team

Create a program if possible, to work on yourself. Whatever position you play, you must work hard to be a good player as a whole. The only way this will be possible, is if you first identify your strengths and weaknesses. Once you identify them, work on them and more especially your strengths.

This will help you focus more. You will focus on what skills your team requires most from you. You will be able to take even the critics and corrections positively and instead of them bringing you down, they will mold you to become better. Isn’t that your aim?

Top 4 Tricks on How to Get More Playing Time

Become a Better Basketball Player

1. Enquire from the Coach on What You Can Help With

This will show the coach that you are dedicated to ensuring the team does not fail. After the season, is over, ask the coach what is needed to be done during the offseason to make sure the team is better the following season.

2. Play Your Best

Like we mentioned before, nobody will be the best player or the best scorer always. Therefore, be the best at your role. Focus on strengthening your strengths and leave what you can’t do. You will work on the weakness later during practice.

3. Take Charges

This gives a defensive stop. Your team will the ball and the opposing team will definitely get a foul for it. This might even confuse the other team since they will not want to drive the ball in fear of getting another foul.

4. Take Good Shots and Make the Extra Pass

If you take a good shot, you are not likely to be on the bench. No coach dislikes good extra passes. When you give good passes, you will also get more from your teammates since they will see, you are not selfish. This will show that you are a good teammate. When the teammates like you, they are likely to play well with you and the coach in return, will definitely get you in the game!

Final Word

At the end of the day, just like everything else, to be better, you have to focus on improving yourself. Only that, will make you a better basketball player besides the training you will get. Therefore, focus on yourself more, your flexibility, fitness, energy, mental state and your whole being as a person. Work hard, be persistent and be fearless.

Do not be afraid to fail because you will definitely fail at some point, but what do you do after the first fall? You rise up, wipe off the dust and keep pressing on! You will definitely become a better basket player and who knows? Maybe even the best!