Lifetime 71525 In-Ground Basketball System Reviews

Lifetime 71525 in-ground basketball hoop has polycarbonate backboard for this element the basketball hardly bounces. So, the young players may learn how to handle the basketball properly!

Its blow molded pad ensuresthe durability so the players can practice more and more. The pole sections are secured by the most updated mechanisms. The double springs rim paves the way to mount over the rim during dunking.The beginners who face difficulties in the starting of a basketball game this hoop will be the best option for them.

Lifetime 71525 In Ground Basketball Hoop

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Lifetime
  • Item Weight: 87.4 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 88 pounds
  • Price: Mid range (under $350)
  • Size: 54 inches

Features at a Glance

  • 54-inch pro-look Makrolon polycarbonate backboard
  • Power lift height adjustment mechanism
  • Height adjusts from 7.5 to 10 feet
  • Easy adjusting height just using one hand
  • Slam-It Pro Rim with double-compression springs
  • Blow-molded backboard frame pad
  • 3-piece 3.5-inch steel pole with a weather-resistant powder coating

Main Features: Reason Behind For Being Incredible

To deliver remarkable performance the tool of playing also has to be incredible and in this basketball system all the tools or features are just amazing and they are:

Pro Look Backboard

Backboard made of polycarbonate materials is well known for long durability. Despite having polycarbonate this basketball hoop also have Makrolon as the base element of the backboard. Makrolon will make the backboard hard and sturdy which will keep the backboard shatterproof. This backboard will come in the size of 54 inches. Overall the backboard comes with a pro looking which is desired by maximum players.

Blow Molded Frame

To protect the backboard this In ground basketball hoop has a frame with the pad. And the frame comes in a blow molded so you can be sure about the security of the backboard.

High-Intensity Goal

In the world of a basketball hoop, it is very rare of having a rugged designed goal. But in this basketball system, you will have a hoop which has been specially designed for high-intensity performance.

Power Lift Height Adjustment

Height adjustment is a great need for any hoop. So, having a good mechanism for adjustment is every basketball users demand. In this hoop, you are going to have power lift system foreasy access to adjust the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. Power lift mechanism makes the whole process very easy. So, you hardly need to use both hands to fix up the height.

Double Compression Rim

Rim with double compression means double security level. This hoop has slam it rim which has pro look with durability. And its springs with double compression will provide an extra advantage with great safety. The rim is containing nylon net which is all weather resistant. So, in asingle rim, you are having a super safety with long durability.

Incremental Pole

The pole is mainly used to adjust the height and to fix the hoop in the ground. The pole of this basketball system comes in the incremental process and the increments are infinite in number.


Despite providing such amazing features the manufacturers of this basketball hoop have also offered Limited years of replacement warranty.

What We Love

  • The Backboard comes with UV protection and also with shatterproof fusion
  • The hoop has slam it rims with double compression springs
  • Blow molder backboard pad
  • Nylon net of the goal with all-weather protection
  • Rugged designed goal
  • Power lift pole for installation as well as for height adjustment

What Would Make the Hoop Better

  • The polycarbonate backboard is not good enough to bounce the basketball
  • The rim pad set is not provided with the hoop

Frequently asked questions: for more queries

Does the installation kit offer with the basketball hoop?

No, you will have the full set of basketball hoop including with backboard pad.

Who will have the best use of this basketball system?

The beginners will make the best use of this system.

Wrapping Up

A shatterproof backboard certainly ensures security. But a polycarbonate backboard in shatterproof fusion gives the opportunity of transforming a beginner to a good player. With this basketball hoop aplayer practice without fear and hesitation, even this hoop will give the confidence to focus on the game only.

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